Completed Escape from Dream World

This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
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Game Download:
Made Using: Pokemon Essentials
Team: Vendily!
Notes: So, this game is about 20 minutes long, at least from my playtesting (each playthrough start to credits came to about that time). The fluctuation comes from your party layout so to speak, as you need to have a Dream Partner of a particular type to get to a Dream Area. Dual types have a chance to go to either of their types. Rock, Ground, and Steel types can go to either the ice themed area or the rock themed area. And Dragon types have a chance to go to any of the areas. (Doesn't make it much faster if you need to go to a particular area instead of any old one.)
Resource Pack:
Escape from Dream World
By Vendily

Using Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit

===== TILES & GRAPHICS =====
Titlescreen Font Graphics by Piacarrot
Ice Path Tileset by Piacarrot
Mt. Silver Summit Tileset by Piacarrot
National Park Tileset by Piacarrot

Spikey Eared Pichu by Bloodless

Gen 3 Devamped Battle Sprites by Bloodless, Blue Emerald, and Techmath
(Minor edit to Spinda to make room for spots)

Gen 4 Devamped Battle Sprites by Bloodless, Blue Emerald, ClawedNyasu, and Rainbowdevs

Question and Exclaimation Mark Unown Fronts DarioEMeloD
Was reuploaded by Piacarrot (Kuroko Aizawa) Collection 12-22-2016.rar?dl=0
Edited Sprites for colour and transformed into Backs

Moon from title screen from PokeEmerald (Recoloured to better fit)

Beach tiles from GBC game Survival Kids
(It's not completely ripped on Spriter's resource, had to screen cap it myself)

Cloud tiles modified from Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

The Spooky Manor painting is a cropped and edited Pokewalker Area Graphic, Lake

The windowskins are from PokeCrystal

===== SCRIPTS =====
Animated tiles by KleinStudio
Bitmap Font by Poccil (Peter O.)
Edited to reuse as many methods shared with Essentials as possible

===== AUDIO =====
Key Item Midi by Joo *Johnnyz* Buaes
Songs from both Default Essentials and the Standard RMXP RTP

I made:
- Most every overworld from half scratch, using the icon as a base for the pokemon.
Except the ones that already had an overworld in Pokemon Crystal.
Skarmory, Abomasnow, Torterra, and Slowking are scratch though
- The Dreamcaller graphics
- The Type icons
- The cut tree animation (not the tree itself)

I edited:
- The minigame title drops. Don't really want to count that as a made.

I formated:
- Literally every single pokemon sprite, it's not even funny.
- Lapras, Onix, Snorlax, Clefairy, Bird, Boulder, Dragon, Monster, Headbutt tree, Rock Smash rock and Cut tree
- The icon sprites
- The bitmap font (also Pokecrystal)
- The other tilesets not mentioned above. It's all PokeCrystal.
- The emote bubbles (also Pokecrystal)

Have I mentioned I used PokeCrystal a lot?


A Trainer from Coumarine City
Jul 30, 2020
Great game! I have not finished the game I've only been playing for 17 minutes. I love that you chose to use the GS and RBGY graphics style, not many people use it. I've finished the Torterra minigame, and I'm now stuck in the Lapras minigame. When I get the orb it sends me to surface, I talk to Lapras and it tells me to play the game again, when I go to the orb again its not there. Is this a bug or am I missing something? It's a nice idea and great so far. Keep up the good work!


Elite Trainer
Great game! I have not finished the game I've only been playing for 17 minutes. I love that you chose to use the GS and RBGY graphics style, not many people use it. I've finished the Torterra minigame, and I'm now stuck in the Lapras minigame. When I get the orb it sends me to surface, I talk to Lapras and it tells me to play the game again, when I go to the orb again its not there. Is this a bug or am I missing something? It's a nice idea and great so far. Keep up the good work!
Oh, well, Lapras should have given you the food (and if you talk to Clefairy, they'll congratulate you on the good work if the variable was updated.)
Lapras would also say that you already got the pearl but you're free to go underwater again, which I let you do unlike most of the other minigames because the underwater area has a different encounter table to the beach area, and you might be looking for a mon there to get to a different area.

The pearl is supposed to disappear though, I don't want the minigame variable to get reset on us, that'll ripple out into skipping a minigame as Snorlax can count Lapras's prize twice otherwise.


Elite Trainer
I updated to fix 1 minor bug (Half of Lapras becomes passable after you beat their minigame, because I forgot to set my blank graphic on it), as well as an explanation by Clefairy on how to swap partners and travel to different Dream Areas (during the first time you go to the Dream Park, and when you talk to them in that area before you reach the end game). Sorry!

The original download has been replaced. There is no new content in this update.
Just finished playing your game and it was amazing! I think the best part of it was how cute it was! I'd like to talk about specific details so here is a spoilers

A few things I really loved, the main theme for the game. Even after playing it I'm still humming it now. I loved the humor in all the minigame title images, or well, Snorlax's and Abomasnow's in particular. I loved the little banter between Slowking and Skyarmory. IT IS JUST SUCH A CUTE LITTLE FUN GAME!

If I was to criticize it? Sometimes finding the right mini game can be a little bit annoying. And the balloon game was VERY cool looking, but lacking a bit in terms of game. I found it funny that Skarmory said that Slowking's game is hardly a minigame when it was his game that wasn't really a game. I know it isn't exactly the time to make big gameplay changes but maybe if it worked a bit like "snake" where you had to make sure not to walk into your balloon. Anyway, I hope that didn't sound too rude, I really did love it.

All in all, a fantastic gen 2 game. I love to see gen 2 stuff done more, it really stands out. Keep up Vendily, you seem to continually put out really nice games for the game jams, and I think this one might be my favorite (this or unknown ruins)[/spoiler]


Elite Trainer
Low key forgot to make the balloon minigame a game. My whole thought process was heehee balloon train, followed by oh, encounters!
After the fact, I kind of regret the dream caller aspect. it doesn't add much over a more obvious hub area, with the benefit of removing the random element.
But that's what happens when you end up making stuff that's fun to code without thinking about the player interaction. And sunk cost I guess, since it was there from the start.

But that's what Jams are for, teaching you this kind of stuff!
Just finished the game! I clocked in at 40 minutes! I thoroughly enjoyed this tiny (even in terms of the screen size, haha) adventure. Like Tomix already said, the gen 2 style is refreshing, and you did it well! I think my two favourite tilesets were the mansion and the underwater cave. The mansion because I liked the little objects in the house (the desk, the curved door that you enter through), and the underwater cave because of the pallet you used. It was just very pretty. The star particle effect you use on the title and credits screen is very cute-looking as well. I loved the minigame signs, as well as the jokes that came with them. (Abomasnow's had me cackling.)

Out of the minigames, the underwater cave one was my favourite as well. I really like how having the step counter instead of a regular timer set it apart from the racing game. The detail of the player having air bubbles was neat, too.

If I were to offer some suggestions, I would say that you should:
1. Add a few more sound effects. It really stuck out to me how silent things were in the overworld. Maybe you could add a few like when you fall down a hole, or the snowballs explode? Or even a little collection sound effect when you got a new balloon. But that's just a teensy, tiny suggestion.
2. Do a little revision to the Rocky Race minigame. Ngl, that first line of boulders kind of stumped me, because there was no visual indication that they had to be pushed in a specific order, or that they would get stuck if you didn't. In addition, I think you should maybe bump the time of the race to 1:45 or even 2 mins, because 1:20 was stretching it a bit, even once I had all the boulders down pat.

Also a couple of bugs:
1. If you talk to Onix on the mountain again after you've lost the race, he declares that you win it with a time of 0:00.
2. Clefairy doesn't have any dialogue if you interact with it at the end of the game. (In the field.)

All-in-all though, this was a seriously fun jam to play! I loved the creativity that went into all the little minigames, and how you went about creating a very different Pokémon experience for the player. Great job with Escape from Dream World!


Elite Trainer
Ahh! I forgot all about sound effects since I never played the game with sound on.
The holes had sound (from the example maps) but I deleted the file for them.
I don't really feel like going back and editing all the events though, so it'll have to stay like this then.

I updated to extend the timer for the Onix minigame and remove the ability to win after the minigame was considered ended. Also added in the accidentally deleted sound effect, Battle throw.
I also added back in the ability to change the screen size, because I have the fix for the infinite autotiles now (a missing newtilemap.terrain_tags = @tilemap.terrain_tags in def setClass(cls)).

The original download has been replaced. I wasn't able to update it until today.


Jan 29, 2020
How fast do I have to be to beat the Onix mini-game? The fastest I can beat it is at 52 seconds, but it still says to try again.
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Elite Trainer
How fast do I have to be to beat the Onix mini-game? The fastest I can beat it is at 52 seconds, but it still says to try again.
I'm enjoying the game so far! However, I'm stuck at the Onix mini-game as well. I did it under one minute and the timer didn't restart when I re-entered the cave.
Oh no! I messed up my check! That map is technically not considered an Onix map, so it stops the timer, but it also fails the is in an active onix minigame check!

I updated the game to fix that! So sorry!

Also 52 is an amazing time, my best was 50!
The time to beat is 1:40, though it was originally 1:20.


Elite Trainer
I made a pretty big mistake...

So if you talk to Lapras from the sides, that's the position that the game will save when it comes to warping you back to the start.
But unlike the two front positions, the side do not have events triggering on return, so It deletes the pearl and says nothing.

I can't really fix save files, but I did reupload the game again to fix that critical issue.
There is no new content in this update.


AKA Pelegocan
Feb 29, 2020
Hi, just wanted to say I really enjoyed this. Just a very nice vibe to this game that made me feel like a little kid. A perfect game to de-stress (is that a word?) to imo.


game director, Pokémon Sea & Sky
What to say about Escape from Dream World?

First and foremost, I loved the ingenuity. It's always exciting to have gameplay that's fresh new and inventive. I loved that picking a different partner is what brought you to the different "levels". The minigames were exciting and all different enough from each other--and of course I loved the title cards.

The length was a perfect little bite sized game.

In terms of constructive criticism--I'm not sure if it was just my playthrough, but man was the lapras puzzle difficult. I realize in retrospect that if I took it one step at a time I'd probably be able to get there with a little more wiggle room, but after several tries I made it with 1 step left. It was a challenge that didn't match the level of challenge of the other games. additionally, I was unable to find any flying types in my journey, except for Gyarados, which was rare. Were there others? If not, I think it would be a good idea to telegraph to the player that they'd have to get a gyarados from the lapras area. I only realized it because I kept having to re-do the lapras mini game.

But all in all I had a great time, and of course I loved the retro graphics. Great job!


Demoness on the prowl!
Apr 10, 2017
This game was really fun to play.

The reworked battle system was pretty cool looking and feeling like the battle system from the Pokéwalkers.
The idea of escape being to just wake up is genius, and executed quite well.
Each minigame/puzzle was fun to do.
The Lapras one was a bit tedious. I had to try 6 times, and the last time I had to be moving 1 by 1 and being so pixel perfect I left with just 1 air left.
May I suggest letting each air pocket give 1 or 2 more units of air, to even it out?

The humour was funny too, especially the Abomasnow not having a minigame, and Snorlax wanting a Minigame cue card as well~

All in all, I'd give this game a 9/10!


Elite Trainer
I updated the download to fix the Onix minigame not properly removing the timer. Despite it's counting, the minigame is actually over, but the timer is made when the map is first loaded, so it doesn't actually disappear until you change maps.

Also added some more steps to the Lapras minigame, since it's a very tiny change, so now it has a bigger update to ride with.

The original download has been replaced.


¯\_(ツ)_/– •Peter
Apr 28, 2019
Hey, when I tried to open dream caller I got error telling :no such file Or directory in graphics /pictures/ Ariel.png