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Ok I would definitely suggest using different trees, because the ones you're currently using (the ones that are one tile wide) just don't look good with these maps. I would suggest the sarafri zone trees, I think they would look good in a stone age environment. I would also suggest tweaking the pallettes of the tiles so that they don't look exactly like frlg (which I can see you've started) Maybe try using a different mountain tile (tweak one of the cave tiles and use it for the outside mountain tile) Also, there shouldn't be any rocks placed on top of mountains, it looks really sloppy, and not that nice. The caves that all stand by themselves also don't make a lot of sense. I would suggest making them all connected somehow, and adding more depth to the maps. The current maps are too sloppy and square, and just relatively boring. There's a lot that can be fixed but I'm not really sure where to start other than what I've already suggested.
(01-10-2015, 06:56 AM)Awesome03 Wrote:
(01-09-2015, 06:04 PM)Awesome03 Wrote: Before I get to more general critique I'm just going to make a quick list of tile errors that you can ccorrect:

  • Darker water is generally reserved for the ocean.
  • Several of the mountain tiles you've used are the wrong ones, such as on the hill on the right side of the map where you didn't use the tiles the north-facing mountain tiles with grass in them.
  • You can use layers to place paths under ledges so you don't have the break that you have to the left of that hill.

The biggest issue with this map is the misuse of elevation. Areas of a different elevation should have the illusion of being entirely enclosed by that elevation, on the left side of the map you place the south-facing mountain tiles right up against the west-facing tiles instead of including a southwest-facing tile and west-facing tiles drawn up to the northern boundary to complete the enclosure. I hope that explanation made sense to you, if not I could try to whip up a quick graphical explanation when I have the time.

The other major problem with the map is that there is far too much empty space, especiall to the right of the exit/entrance to the town, where there is room for another building or two. As well, the pathing in the lower left of the map is too wide: paths should narrow if they are branching off from a major road or leading to single buildings. Having the path to that one home be wider than the primary paths in town just looks off. I'd also recommend placing the flowers in less blocky arrangements to make them look more natural.

Hope this helped at all, I hope to see more maps in the future!

Thanks for the feedback! The only thing I didn't get (or, well, get how to fix) was the misuse of elevation. I get the problem is there, but I really don't know how to fix it. Other than that, I have a pretty good idea of what to fix.

Thanks again!

Sorry for taking so long in getting this for you.

[Image in spoilers below.]

This is kind of quick and sloppy but if you notice each of the "tiers" of the mountain is complete, none of them end suddenly when they reach the edge of their tier. The horizontal lines of trees are to demonstrate that if the map were to end at that point it would be very easy for you to gather from what you can see of the map, that the tiers do connect properly, without necessarily having to see it with your own eyes. Hopefully this helps in some way!

The new version of Route I.
Applied the new greener foliage and made the route waaaaay less rectangular. Also added an area that requires rock smash with the TMs for Ally Switch and Telekinesis. Greatly reduced the amount of grass too.

[Image: 2gbuzrr.png]
(01-12-2015, 02:08 PM)Spluff5 Wrote:
You're using those tree tiles wrong, it looks sloppy to use those trees as the only border.
The map as a whole looks too square and needs work. There's no fluidity to it, and generally just seems boring to play.
The first map seems fine, and the second version seems like it has unnecessary changes.
[Image: M47JfWY.png?1]
The current starting town i have in mind.The statue of Regigigas is protecting a certain area underground which can only be unlocked by the Elder's Key.Currently thinking up a name for it.
@the eggman, i like the idea of it however its too square, the map and the trees, but a lot of people have this problem. also the cliffs seem, well, awkward and if you fix those it might fix the square map, but besides that it seems like a nice start just fix those two things and youll have a nice map
(01-13-2015, 02:48 PM)The Eggman Wrote: The current starting town i have in mind.The statue of Regigigas is protecting a certain area underground which can only be unlocked by the Elder's Key.Currently thinking up a name for it.

There's a lot of empty space. Maybe make it a little smaller?
Thanks for the feedback,i'll work on this and be back soon with it improved.
Eggman! I think the map is actually not a bad size BUT you have to walk all the way around the lake to get everywhere. Why not switch the lake and the lab. Not like literally, but make the lake north of everything else, so that you can access all the houses without walking around the lake. (In this scenario it's not a bad idea to just make it so you can't see the other side of the lake[i can show you an example if you need])

Also, the light gray area underneath the tower and to the right of the red roofed house(you should use the red roof houses on the right as the house, not the one from pallet) that light gray is supposed to be a shadow. It's not doing it's job as a shadow though. What I do with my shadows is make it a really dark gray/bluish gray and then when I upload the it i right click on it to make it semi transparent. (with this method you'll need to have two copies. One that keeps the bluish gray shadow, and one that goes in you tileset folder that you upload to your game which makes it transparent) If you don't do it that way, just make it dark green or something.
Oh, and I'd put more variation i the cliffs (have on cliff come out a little ways or have them go in different directions)
Hello. I'm new to map making/map creation (you know what i mean).
I already made some maps, and i wanted u guys to tell me if i should change anything.
Thank You.

This is the Starting Town (Huzza Town)

EverGreen Forest

EverGreen Fores (continuation)

Route 1

Route 1 isnt complete, because i don't know what to put in there.

Thank You.