Relic Game Jam #2: Overview
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It's time to jam....again!
RELIC GAME JAM #2 has begun!

Discussion Thread - Recruitment Thread

Relic Game Jam #2

Welcome to the second Relic Castle Game Jam!

For the uninformed: a game jam is an event where developers will get together and make a game. (Usually on a much smaller scale.) It sounds simple at first glance, but making a good game is much more difficult and time-consuming than you might think. But that just adds to the challenge of it.

Last year we had a very successful first game jam! We were very surprised and impressed at the quality of the games submitted, and just how many there was! We had eleven entries with four of those games earning the Spotlight Award. You can view all the entries here, and all the Spotlight Winners here.

This year we're going to follow the same formula as last year with some small differences. Why change what isn't broken? The most noticeable change is that we've decided to use an entire forum for the game jam instead of one thread. This should help keep things more organized for everyone.

We have a larger amount of users around this year and some new, creative developers. We're very excited to see what everyone will be able to achieve. Good luck to all participants!

Game Jam Details

As with last year, this game jam has no theme requirement. You're free to tackle any theme you like, or even forego a theme. Let your creativity shine!

You aren't required to make a game about Pokémon if you don't want to. You don't have to use RPG Maker XP + Pokémon Essentials, although we highly suggest you do. After all, this is a Pokémon fan game community. Don't let us stop you from creating a fun game, though.

You also aren't required to work alone. Feel free to organize a small team of friends to work on your game with you. Group entries are most definitely allowed, and encouraged. We allow a maximum of four people to work together.

Last year we asked that users submit resource packs with any graphics they created for their entry. Not everyone did this, but this year please be sure to do so. We'll be checking each entry to make sure this is submitted alongside it. Thank you.

By submitting your entry to us, you give us permission to promote it via social media and if it wins the Spotlight, be eligible for a brand new game badge.

  • Open theme/no theme requirements.
  • Doesn't have to a Pokémon game or be made with RPG Maker XP.
  • Group entries are allowed, with a maximum of 4 participants per group.
  • Graphical resources created for the entry must be included with submission post and be available for public use.
  • List of credits must be included with submission post and bundled with the game in a text file. (credits.txt)
  • Submitting an entry means Relic Castle can promote it via social media and create a game badge for your entry should it win the spotlight.


At the end of the game jam, the judges will take a look at every game jam submission and decide what we will "spotlight" as some of the most interesting, highest quality entries.

Developers that receive a spotlight will get an exclusive badge, and will be featured on Relic Castle. We hope this encourages you to make the best possible submission!

The judges for this jam are...
@Atomic Reactor

While the judges will play all the entries and have a roundtable discussion on them, we will not be posting our thoughts and critique on every entry. We will focus primarily on those we have chosen as spotlight winners.


We have two brand new badges to give out this year for participants!

[Image: jam2016.png] Jam #2 Badge: This badge is given to those who participated in Relic Castle Game Jam #2!
[Image: jam2016spotlight.png] Jam #2 Spotlight Badge: This badge is given to those who participated in Relic Castle Game Jam #2 and had their game featured in the Spotlight!

Submitting Your Game

When submitting your game, please make sure that you've packaged your game correctly and optimized it by cutting our unnecessary/unused files.

When the time comes to actually submit your game, take at least five screenshots, put your resources that you've used in a .zip file and upload your game and resource pack to Mediafire or MEGA.

Then post a thread in the Relic Game Jam #2 forum that has the following details listed below. Feel free to spruce your thread up, it doesn't have to be barebones. Threads will be moved to Progressing Projects (and possibly the Project Showcase) when the game jam concludes.

Game Title:
Game Screenshots:
Game Download:
Made Using:
Resource Pack:


Q: Why is the game jam going on for so long?
A: We want to encourage people to enter the game jam. Making a smaller project is a lot of fun. If we made it for one weekend, there might be people unable to enter due to real life obligations. We do run the risk of people losing interest, but we hope that people who post updates on what they're working on will encourage them.

Q: Why is there no theme? Wouldn't it be better if it had a focus?
A: Game jams with a focus are great, but we really want to leave this one open ended. You're free to enter what you like! Be creative!

Q: Why do I have to include my resources?
A: We want to encourage people to use public resources, showing that you can make a really cool game with them. You're free to make resources for your project, but you have to release them as you submit your game. We figured this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone and get some more resources out there. This also discourages people from using private resources from an existing project.

Q: I can only have three other people working with me on my entry, but what counts as working with me?
A: Anyone who has created resources for your entry is counted as working with you. Existing public resources don't count towards this, however.

Q: Why aren't you judging all the entries and grading them?
A: While competitive game jams are fun, it's very difficult to grade them all on an even scale without more restrictions such as a theme. We have chosen not to judge them this way and instead choose some of the best entries for the Spotlight. It is also very time consuming to do so, and we want to get the Spotlights wrapped up as soon as possible.

Q: Can judges enter the Game Jam?
A: Yes, they can. However, they will be ineligible to win a Spotlight if it's their game. They are allowed to help out with other games, and there will be no bias in picking the Spotlights.

Thank you to @Mars for creating the Relic Game Jam #2 logo!
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