Mark your calendars...
(06-01-2016, 07:59 PM)Aki Wrote: If you're thinking of starting a traditional 8 gym game and releasing a demo for the jam well...we'd rather see a complete game.

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Well, not a demo, but I've been toying around with a certain idea, haven't gotten around to actually working on it beyond a general plot outline lol, but... I think now's a good time. I can totally make an 8 Gym game for Game Jam, just wait Wink

Although I wouldn't say "traditional"...
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(06-01-2016, 07:59 PM)Aki Wrote:
(06-01-2016, 05:49 PM)Takuastudios Wrote: I have a question (sorry if it's a poor one). Would if be fine if we have it so we start a game project on game jam and still continue it after it's over as a full fangame? Or does it have to be a single game completely done?

It's your game, you're free to do what you want; if you get started on a small project but then get inspired to make into something bigger, then that's great!  Big Grin

If you've played Golurk Rising, then you might've noticed that although it was started for the game jam, at some point it became more of a demo release for a bigger game.
Or look at NipNip, which was also made for last year's jam but is still being worked on and improved today.

If you're thinking of starting a traditional 8 gym game and releasing a demo for the jam well...we'd rather see a complete game. And I'd really recommend that on a personal level too. Releasing a complete game is a pretty rewarding and empowering experience; even if it's not very good, I mean anyone who played my entry can tell you it's more bugs than game (and I'm super embarrassed about it, but have no regrets). It's fun to just make a little game once in awhile, take a break from the big projects.
Ok thanks, I was just wondering because I planned to start working my game during the summer but I also wanted to do the game jam, But thank you for the recomendation, it was helpful.
Can't wait! I'm not really sure if I'll make something, but I'm sure I'm going to love other people's work Big Grin
This is exciting!! I've only participated in one game jam before, and it was a LONG time ago, so I ended up not being able to submit because I couldn't figure out how to solve what should have been a really obvious bug, haha.
My computer is broken right now, but maybe if it's fixed by this game jam, I'll be able to participate!
(Right now, I'm working on stuff like Fakemon stats and designs to keep myself working on my own project. XP I don't want to be forced on a hiatus just because I can't work on the game file itself! There's plenty else to do!
... But obviously I'll need a computer to physically MAKE the game, so that'll be necessary for the game jam. XD)
I'm looking forward to this, too. Only trouble is my July is currently slated for pushing forward with a fanfiction project, so I dunno if I'd be up to trying to make a game on top of that, but I might try to do a little something; we'll just have to see! Either way, I definitely look forward to seeing this year's crop of contenders!
are we able to use custom tiles ? 
(06-07-2016, 04:48 PM)light sword Wrote:
are we able to use custom tiles ? 

Why not? The only restriction of last game jam is that the custom tiles would become a public resource, but there arent details yet so maybe not this time, still, you should be able to use them
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Oh boi! Might actually motivate me to actually get something done!
Im planning on redoing the idea i had for the entry for last years game jam, before i went on and failed at pokemon relic...
I definitely wont be participating, but I can't wait to play all the games that result from this, even if they are short. I hope you all make some good ones.
This Game Jam has left me with being unsure about what I want to do this time. I always try to make innovative new ideas for all my games, but I'm not sure how to bend Pokémon around this time. All I can say is that I will participate and try my best to offer something playable unlike Pokémon Relic.
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