Demo Pokémon Amaryllis [BETA 1.0 RELEASED]
(10-26-2016, 12:18 PM)Mantager Wrote: October 2016 Progress Report

New Pokémon!
Yeah, some Pokémon in the original release really weren't that great. Like Peppicap, which was unfortunately conceived just before Popplio's reveal, and Rookowl, which just feels redundant with Hoothoot and Noctowl around. So, some of the new Pokémon will be replaced by new ones, I'm sorry if you liked them. They could return though, I haven't made up my mind.

Anyway, replacing Rookowl, here's the new regional bird, a petrel!

[Image: Bcqvvzd.png] [Image: 7k2rqUs.png]

Did I capture the feel of the petrel? As always, my designs aren't the best, obviously, but I hope I did a good job on this one. Here's a sample description for the theme of these critters:

"Their wings are straight, and their feathers are thin like paper. This allows them to be streamlined in the air, which makes their flight and gliding very fast! They fly in a group, and attack with the beak or with their sharp feathers."

More new Pokémon to come!

Idk I quite like most of the fakemon especially Rookowl, maybe you can add a different typing to it so it won't be such a Hoothoot copy. I suggest giving it a psychic or ground secondary typing and probably a third evo to set it apart from Hoothoot/Noctowl(I like yours better btw). Everything else I'm with you 100% and I hope the game keeps progressing at a steady pace.
2017 is almost here. I promised an update within 2-3 months last time, so now's the perfect chance to review 2016, and to give a progress update on Amaryllis.

Well, firstly, I'd like to say, it's been a strange and interesting year. Amaryllis has now been in development for about a full year, since it started in 2015 as a Pokémon Essentials game. And, in late March 2016, it changed into a ROM hack. Since I started working on the project, I've added, edited, and removed many aspects of the game. But, I think the game as it is now is better than ever before. Many things have happened in this community, like cease and desists and cancellations. I'm glad I still have the motivation and excitement to work on this game. However, this is still a progress update, so I should show some of my progress instead of talking about myself.

Firstly, honey trees from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum have been added to the game. Some Pokémon, like Combee, can only be found in these special trees. You can find a video of how it works here:

Also, an update on the various Fakemon that are in the game. I have almost finished designing the base stage for the new Water starter, Rousel! On January 1st, pictures will be shown on my Twitter, which is here. (Mantager_) I'd like to put out a new Fakemon on Twitter every 3 days, so please follow. But I'm not sure if I can reach that target, so please don't get disappointed.

A lot of characters also got redesigned and changed. For example, the rival in the original game just wanders around a lot and doesn't really have a goal apart from occasionally battling you. But in the new version, she's going to school to study medicine! And she needs a Pokémon in order to get to her new school safely. Much better, right?

Finally, some more words from me. Here's two tips for new developers of Pokémon fangames:
  • Don't make a fangame just for popularity, and always show your progress! It's a pet peeve of mine when projects just show their art or sprites all the time, and don't show screenshots. Maybe that's a bit hypocritical, since there's no screenshots in this update... But I see it on Twitter a lot, and I go 'Hey! Where's the screenshots!'
  • Don't go too ambitious. Many newbies to this community set their sights too high and make a game with custom region, full dex of Fakemon, and lots of custom characters. But, you actually have to make resources for all that stuff, and you probably won't end up finishing it all. Spriters and artists will be hard to find too.
2017 will be a big year for me, online and offline. I could be around less, but you'll still see Amaryllis progress updates every 2-3 months! The next update will be in February, so look forward to it. Happy New Years, Relic Castle!
Hey Mantager,

I've got to say, this game looks great! I love how you've taken the gen 3 Kanto games and made them into something really good! A few quick things for feedback.

I love how you've changed from a traditional plot of an evil team chasing a legendary. After Sun and Moon, we now know that that sort of thing is well appreciated.

I love also how you have modified the maps to make them almost new! I've played some ROM hacks and they look the same as the actual games.

If I were to improve on this, what I would do is (if you have the technology) add some more spice to the game by animating the Pokemon Sprites. I don't know if you can, but if you can, it would add a lot to the game.
It's been two months since the last progress update, so here's another.

Lately, I was working on and playing Pokémon Clover, since I'm one of the developers on that project. So I didn't really get much time to develop Amaryllis. But I have some cool stuff to show off!

[Image: YV36jyH.png]
The male protagonist has a new design, which is much sleeker and colourful.

[Image: 9jXW3cY.png]
Almost all TMs in Amaryllis have been changed, with some new moves introduced as TMs too! This will really shake up your experience.

[Image: S0ZIR4Z.png]
Even Pokémon like Petilil can be found in Ohkai! What's more, old Pokémon get new dex entries, so it'll be interesting to catch old Pokémon and check out their dex entries.

[Image: 5ShrMKH.png]
It's worth taking your time to interact with NPCs. They may have something interesting to say!

Sorry for the short update, but that's all for now. I might do another update in early-mid March, depending on how much progress I make.
Do you want to check progress on Amaryllis in real-time? Want to directly help with the game or see what's going on behind the scenes?

Well, now Amaryllis has a Discord. If you're interested in the game and/or want to help make it, you should go ahead and join with this link:

Like always, progress updates will still be released over time