Demo Pokemon Obsidian Version
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 Made in RPG Maker XP using Pokemon Essentials by Poccil/Maruno

Approximate Completion
 I'm Atomic Reactor, and I've been working on this project for several years on and off (since about 2010 I believe). There is currently a demo that takes you up to the 5th badge, the game is still in slow progress.

Recent Updates: March 9th, 2016

 You and your father and his friend embark on a journey across the Evoran region, located to the west of Johto. You have been granted a research visa which allows you to explore 4 ancient tower ruins across Evoran. Unfortunatly, there are other people who are putting you in danger because they want something that the towers hold. The Tower Gems are said to be keys to another dimension, which imprisons one of the most powerful Pokemon the world has yet to encounter. Take on the adventure and try to stop Luken and his team of Seekers from trying to bring a new world order with the help of this omega Pokemon.

+ A handful of new Pokemon, exclusive to Obsidian.
+ Brand new region, with a custom art style, and custom graphics
+ Side missions that can be done in Oakgrove City
+ Museum where you can donate fish and bug pokemon
+ Harder difficulty, Pokemon have a 2% chance of dying when they faint, and it cost $50,000 to bring them back to life. Be careful!
+ Gym leader rematches
+ New Fishing system (different baits catch different Pokemon)
+ New attacks and items

Download Links:
All of these links contain the same thing, just choose one to download from.

Known Bugs/Glitches
- Leaving a building in West Rosewood City will get you stuck. [If this happens to you, please email me your "game.rxdata" file at, I will get you unstuck and send you your save back. Please avoid this bug though, there's nothing of interest in those buildings anyway.]
-Music doesn't play correctly in some parts of the game.
-You are supposed to go south after Rosewood City, the path north was supposed to be blocked but I missed a spot.
-The "Sleeping Child" mission at the Ranger Station in Oakgrove City was evented incorrectly, so if you do it, you can't do anymore missions (so save it for last).
-The Scientist in the Riddle house in the first room will go into an endless loop after you beat him, so don't battle him.
-There is a feminine character option coming to the final release.
-There are two different bicyclists in Rosewood, one of them has the bike you're looking for.
-For some Windows 8 users, removing the trainer battle music will stop it from crashing during battles. Here's a video on that.
-If you know of any other bugs/glitches, please post them and I will update this list.

There's not much to say, except how great the game is, it's very well done, and polished very nicely. The only complaints I have are simple cosmetic or stylistic things, such as the paths that are only 1 or sometimes 2 tiles wide - or the patches of grass that are only 1 tile wide. I love your maps and the whole design. i'm a long time fan of the game and everything you tease about the next release is just amazing. This is really great work, I can't wait to see what you've got next.
good luck trying to build up a community.

But I think Skype Groups would be the best way to get the most work done.
(01-08-2015, 12:57 AM)Bowlstir Wrote: good luck trying to build up a community.

But I think Skype Groups would be the best way to get the most work done.
...What does this have to do with Obsidian? I'm afraid I don't understand what you're getting at.

Justin, you know how much I love Obsidian, but I still need to play it further. I'm a bad friend. I'll get to it soon...!
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I've got to actually invest some time to playing fangames.
Obsidian has always looked great, but I'm surprised you haven't separated it from Pokemon, as I think
it could be a standalone game in it's own right Smile
So I just tried Obsidian for the first time, and it's pretty good! Just a couple things I noticed while playing though. (I've only made it through some of the woods in about 40 minutes of play time.)

1. Route 2 doesn't have music?
2. It's very large which is great, but that makes two things happen. It feels slow, and because it's slow I feel like I'm missing out on things. (I imagine this changes with running shoes later?) But basically, I was going through the woods and I wanted to explore everything, but it takes too much time to do so. Then, I found the butterfree fight, which is cool I like difficult games. But after using all my potions and still losing, I went back to the pokemon center and now have to redo all the progress I made through the forest. I kinda like... just turned the game off for now. I know this wouldn't happen if I picked a different starter, but grass starters = best.

I don't know, I'm probably just a whiny babby, but yeah... that's my thoughts so far.
Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate it Smile
@Peckan: Yeah for some reason the music doesn't work in some areas, I have it set, it just doesn't play, idk what the deal is. The woods are definitely big, they were supposed to be kind of a challenge, which I know they proved to be to a lot of people haha. And you get the running shoes right after the woods!
By the way,i noticed that Windows 8 problem Obsidian has.What i noticed for my version is that the Trainer Battle theme kept repeating itself so what i did was take it out of the folder.BOOM,Game works just fine Tongue.
Wait what? Ok so your game crashed when you fought trainers, but when you take the song for the battles it, it doesn't crash anymore??
From what i've seen yeah.IDK if it's just my computer but from what i see when the song loops at some point in battle the game crashes.The crashes outside of battle take place if i don't have the game as the main tab anymore.