Demo Pokemon Obsidian Version
Good work mate Big Grin
Great game.
Oh, man. Several years? I'm currently working on a game also with all original sprites and I was expecting to finish by the end of this year, but apparently it will take a lot longer.
Well Areguil, it depends on how often you work on it. I haven't put in a substantial amount of work since about August, and before that I hadn't worked in it since March. I go in and out of ambitious periods where I work on Obsidian. So if you work nonstop for a year, you may be able to finish within a year haha.
Pokemon Obsidian is really awesome from its good graphics to new fakemon. My upcoming game will also have a lot of fakemon. I believe more pokemon fans should include fakemon in their games.
Obsidian is great so far! the sprites look pretty good, and your tileset is great. however, i would like to know how you made the tileset in the first place. i find it very hard to make just one tile, let alone hundreds.
Lots of the tiles are from other tiles that I've edited or recolored. Some of them are from friends or other peoples tile sets. But most of it is just tiles that I've edited to look pretty different from the original. So I didn't really make much of the tileset from scratch, I used frlg tiles and other tiles as bases.
I don't think I've ever openly expressed how much I love this fan-game to you ever. It's definitely one of my top games. I've been following it for a while and it's come some way, and I remember playing it a year or two ago, but I think I'll give it a go again.

The visuals, execution, just EVERYTHING is great about this game. I'll have a follow up post eventually after I play through it again.

Best of luck.
Thanks dude! I'm glad you like it! I really try to polish the game best I can haha. But yeah, you should definitely give it another go, the newest demo (released last march) goes up to the 5th gym and has at least 8 hours of gameplay. Looking forward to see what you think after you play it!
Just wondering, what is ratio of fakemon to pokemon in this game? Like, how many fakemon are there exactly?