Demo Pokemon Obsidian Version
Regarding the newest demo I have successfully gotten the game to work perfectly.I had gotten to the third town and took a break, upon reloading the game later after the title screen flashes a couple of times or I press C, I get an error regarding the RGSS player and i re-downloaded to but the error still occurs. The game looks really good and I'd like to see the full release, but help would be appreciated.
If there's any way I could help you I would love to do so.

Love the trees that grew together. I feel the same way about the world.
I'm gonna try playing this game Smile
how do i play it theres no button??????
(08-09-2016, 12:18 PM)pro_at_poke Wrote: how do i play it theres no button??????

Did you download the right file? Check and make sure. I think there were a couple of different download links.
Ooooh, there's a new demo! Gotta add this one to the list! xD
This game looks pretty good, I'm gunna try it out.
I've found two game-breaking bugs. I've looked through the thread and it doesn't look like they've been mentioned before (apologies if they have and I've missed them).

Teleport: Every time I tried to use Alakazam's teleport, the game crashes.  I ended up replacing it when it next learned a new move.

Machoke evolution: Game crashes as soon as the evolution (using astral stone) is complete.
@ Fallways: Yeah, don't use teleport, sorry. I think Machoke is missing his cry in the audio folder, so if you just give him an appropriately named audio file that should fix the issue. (If i remember correctly)

Also, I said this a while back now, but I'm officially ending production on this game. I posted a short statement about it on twitter.
[Image: TuM5GS5.png]

So for now I'm locking the thread. I plan to release everything to the public after polishing up a few loose ends, but for now the project is cancelled and I will be focusing my time on other projects.