Map Name:Ploomflow Town
Trial:Disaster, Trial VI
Map:Critique Requested:Yes please, if you don't have too many requests already!
Notes:Not all disasters bring destruction! What were once barren badlands transformed into a berry farmer's paradise when the neighboring Volcano erupted. Lava flows created fertile land which attracted people to the area, and before long a small farming town popped up!
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Map Name: Yearnfall Canyon
Trial: Disaster, Trial VI
Map:Critique Requested: Sure!
Notes: This drought-stricken valley used to have a bustling oasis which has since been abandoned and shrivelled in the searing heat. Only the most intrepid of Trainers dare embark through this bone-dry landscape.
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Map Name: Fossil Lake
Trial: Disaster, Trial VI
Critique Requested: Yepyepyepyepyepyep.

Story: What used to be a small town was caught in a sinkhole caused by a redirected river due to prior major flood. The river ate through the soft limestone making a massive cave network that was found to be filled with fossils. There's a small monument/shine to the town right before the bridge.

Now the town folk come back to sell trinkets found in the cave, brave trainers plumb the depths of the cave to retrieve fossils, and scientists study the fossils. Some even say ancient Pokemon still live at the bottom of the caverns...

The screenshot program doesn't pickup autotiles?

You can get a early fossils, and revive it, when you get Cut(the scientist looking to the right laments he didn't bring a Pokemon with surf with him). Gives you a little incentive even before Surf and when you have it you'll likely be able to catch the still living fossilmons at the bottom of the caves.

The vending machine sells basic Pokemart(basic balls, antidote, etc) items and that is a Nurse Joy taking a small trip, but is happy to heal your Pokemon. The stall people sell random items that could be found in a cave: shards, stones, a few types of scales.

The Meowth sells Dusk Balls and you have a choice of paying him or not. If you don't, a battle happens and win or not he won't sell you items anymore. And everyone in the Lake will hate you.
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Map Name: Prestige Chasm
Trial: Disaster, Trial VI
Critique Requested: Sure why not

Story: What once was a small field that acted like a paradise for Pokémon was struck by distaster when an earthquake happened and split the area in two. Ever since then, the area has become progressively more populated due to the realisation of the abundance of rare ores that could be found in the chasm. The lab in the top right is a major mining facility, leading investigators of the revival of Pokémon from their fossils, the truck outside bringing cargo from regions all around the world.
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Map Name: Pombe City
Trial: VI (Disaster)
[Image: CbBgPijUcAAi0K_.png]
Critique Requested: Sure, but there's probably not enough time for me to re-edit this map.
Notes: Pombe City used to be a vibrant city with life, but since fishy things started happening in the cave to the northwest, the government bombed the city. They bombed the city because they wanted to trap the people in the cave, which they did. The result is a lot of mad citizens in Pombe City.
Map Name: Route 13: Storm-struck Savanna
Trial: Disaster, VI
Map: Critique Requested: Yes please! That's the main reason I participate here in the first place.
Backstory: Even though rainfall is highly appreciated on the usually sunny savanna, this is taking it too far. It has been raining for over a month straight! The area has become inhabitable for most Pokemon that lived here. Lots of them are trapped by the water though, rendering them unable to escape. Countless Ground type Pokemon have met their end here...

If you want to thread this land, you better watch your footing, the puddles can be deep, especially in the downs. Lots of water type Pokemon have also moved in here, be sure to expect them in the puddles.
Notes: I'm glad I made in time for this trial, had so many ideas I ended up working on 4 maps at the same time. XD

Anyways, this map is sort of a reboot from an older "rain-on-a-savanna" map. Though the borders aren't done in my usual random/natural way, this map is still true to my usual style. I tried to emphasize flow, trying to waste as little space as possible. The puddles and elevation were, in my opinion, a great way to make the map feel more natural by placing them in a non square/too linear kinda way.

Grass encounter rate is reduced quite a bit, to fit with the backstory of the map. Too make up for this, many Pokemon can be found in the puddles. I tend to minimize the amount of visible item balls on the map, instead forcing players to carefully look for any suspicious spots. (Or just spam the itemfinder). Though I expect the majority of them shouldn't be too hard to find.
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Map Name: Hickory Town [post-landslide]
Trial: Disaster, Trial VI
Critique Requested: Sure! If you have time.
Backstory/Notes: Hickory Town is a pit-stop for most people. It's a quiet town. Many of its folks work in the fields to the south. A landslide struck this town recently, leaving the people of Hickory Town devastated. A few homes were destroyed and a few people were injured. There was only one casualty, luckily.

I tried to work with what I had. It's definitely hard not being able to make your own tiles and to try and achieve a certain look.
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This trial is now closed. Thank you to all the participants. The judging will now begin, and the results will go up within this next week!
[Image: wTa79tq.png]
[Image: L2gQltI.png]
Trial VI. Disaster Affected Map

Submissions: 16
Deadline: Friday, February 12th


First trial of season 2 down! I hope you enjoyed this trial! It was definitely a hard theme to work with, given that the FRLG tileset is fairly limited with what you can do. There wasn't really any need to use our visual critiquing (where we put the critique on the map itself and circle things) with this trial -- maybe another trial!

We have something devilishly evil for the next trial planned out. If you'd like a minor spoiler... it's open tileset! You can use whatever you like for it. Stay tuned!

Trial Champion

Route 13: Storm-struck Savanna by Arma
[Image: kDcLGKg.png]

@Arma shows us his unique spin on a 'disaster impacted map' -- a storm struck savanna! It was definitely a tough choice between this one and a few others, but Arma's refined mapping really shines through here. Not only that, but this is a creative interpretation of the topic. Having puddles act as tall grass was a nice touch, and this is a map we'd definitely like to see in a fan game at some point. Kudos, Arma!


[Image: wTa79tq.png]
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