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Can you handle the cutthroat and perilous trials set forth by the judges?
This is IRON MAPPER: Relic Castle's mapping competition!

Trial VI. Disaster Affected Map

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Deadline: Friday, February 12th 2016

Iron Mapper

Iron Mapper is a mapping competition on Relic Castle. Every so often (provided there's no hiccups), there will be a mapping competition, otherwise known as a "trial". A trial will have a deadline clearly stated, and you will have this time to complete and submit a map according to the theme and criteria of the trial. Once all submitted maps are judged after the deadline (this depends on the volume of entries, usually a few days), the judges will post the results, and prepare for the next trial.

For more information (overall rules, how judging works, a list of trials) please visit this thread.

Trial VI. Disaster Affected Map

Deadline: Friday, February 12th 2016

Welcome back!

There was a lot of excitement regarding Iron Mapper returning. Wonderful! It's been a long time since there was a trial. I'm excited to bring Iron Mapper back, and to see all the new participants! With this season of Iron Mapper, there's a couple of differences. Check out the Discussion Thread for more information. Now with that out of the way...

In this trial, you're tasked with making a map that's been affected by a disaster in some way. Perhaps there was a fire that burned a route to a crisp, or a tsunami that flooded a town. This could also be shortly after the disaster, or a long time after it. The choice is yours.

The following criteria must be met:
  • Your map must be a third generation map, done with the default Fire Red - Leaf Green tileset that's included with Essentials. You may use any of the included autotiles in Essentials. You can find a copy of the tileset here. If you're missing the autotiles, feel free to get them from this zip file. No other tiles may be used.
  • This must be an outdoors map. No caves, interior maps, etc.

The judges of this trial and their comments on this trial are the following:
@"Deouen": Think about what kind of disaster affected this map. There's lots of different disasters that could have occurred. And they don't have to just be natural disasters, of course.
@Yuoaman: Make sure the disaster makes sense for the area affected. Volcanoes don't pop up in tectonically stable grasslands, nor will something like a drought make sense for a more tropical locale. Ensuring that the disaster and the area it affects are harmonious will help bring your map to life.
@Atomic Reactor: Keep in mind how an environment may change due to the disaster. An entire ecosystem could be affected if a disaster is large enough.

Submitting your Entry

In order to submit your entry, please make a post in this thread with the provided template listed below. You can leave your map untitled, and any additional information/notes are optional. Please list the number or name of the trial along with your entry. You may not submit maps for concluded trials.

If you're having issues taking a screenshot of your map, use the Map Screenshot Image Maker Script. It's very easy to use.

By submitting your map, you agree that if you win, you either must upload your map on deviantArt and submit it to the RelicCastle deviantArt group, or you give us full permission to upload it for you. Relevant contact details will be given with the upload of your map, should you choose not to upload it yourself. You're also giving us permission to tweet your map out on the @RelicCastleCom Twitter account.

Map Name:
Critique Requested:

And with that, feel free to submit your maps in this thread, or discuss things related to Iron Mapper in this thread! However, this thread is not for discussion, and is strictly for submissions. You are also not to rate other people's maps in the discussion thread.
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Map Name: Astrobloom Village
Map:Critique Requested: sure
Notes: A little lore about the map: 50 years ago a meteorite decimated this town. Many lives were lost and only a few of the children survived. One day, 50 years later, one of the survivors went on a walk and decided to face the traumatizing memories and stopped by the disaster site. At the center of the impact zone, she saw a single flower growing. She took this as a sign to re-establish the town, life blooms after the trauma. Now there's a gym and even a lab that studies space and space's relationship with Pokemon. The people are happy and life exists once again in this area.
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Map Name: Arva Town
Trial: VI

Critique Requested: Yes
Notes: After a long hot and peaceful summer, this small town was hit by one of the worst cyclones ever recorded in the area. The waves from the ocean came running against the shore, sweeping everything in it's path and the winds were strong enough to lift heavy objects such as boats high in the air. Only after a full day of the storm and millions of dollars worth of damage later, that the waters started pulling back.
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Map Name: Traiken
Trial: VI
Map: Critique Requested: Yeah!
Notes: After the devastation of rising waters, coastal cities and towns were hit the hardest. Areas once vastly expansive and full of life were swept under seas and ravaged. Over the years, towns remained intact, refusing to give up their home, and made peace with their new surroundings. Towns that were covered by seas became common as bridge towns, living on structures in the water. Rather than divide up resources among many homes, apartments of multiple families were created. However, there still exist the structures underwater, and many caves exist that can take you to the undersea cities
Map Name: Memento Island
Trial: VI
Map: Critique Requested: Yes!
Notes: Memento Island used to be the location of a Pokémon League building. However, one day, a legendary fugitive wreaked havoc upon the island with powerful Pokémon. The League was destroyed as the island was engulfed in fire and lightning. Nowadays, the island is a base for criminal activity, with many evildoers lying in wait inside the caverns.
Map Name: Vulcan Island
Trial: VI

Critique Requested: Yes
Notes: Vulcan Island was a peaceful island with a gym and a small amount of people living there, sadly one day the volcano erupted and destroyed most of the buildings.
This was a lot of fun, and if you wonder the lava is, it's the the roof sprite from one of the houses Smile
Map Name: Eradina Town
Trial: IV

Critique Requested: Sure. Why not?

Notes: Kept secret by the government, the crater around Eradina Town was used as the testing site for the worlds' first atomic bomb. The waters are irradiated, and the trees and plants that grow around the town are mutated. People and Pokemon often get sick, and the town has the single highest record of deformations in both. Several investigations have been done, but most results have been withheld by the government. There is a widely known rumor about a six-armed Machamp, though.
Map Name: The Beacon of Death

Trial: VI

Map: Critique Requested: Yes please!

Notes: The story of Pokemon Ruby has not quite gone to plan, and Team Magma has succeeded in awakening Groudon and subsequently fending off the player, causing it to go on a massive rampage. Like Team Magma planned, the ocean begins to dry up, leaving buoys and ships strewn all over the place. People can now walk on the ocean floor.

The player traverses through this particular map while escaping Groudon on the previous ocean floor, following the light of the far away lighthouse to get to land, however there is no way up so they have to continue onwards. The player travels from the top left to the mid right, skating around the obstacles in their way.
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Map Name: Old Magnolia Town
Trial: VI Disaster
Critique Requested: Most certainly, specifically curious on how I could have made it look more abandoned/overgrown. It's intentionally kind of sporadic and sloppy to an extent, but I'm not sure what type of finesse it needs to not seem that way while maintaining the intended tone of the map. Anything else you can add is cool too, but those are points I personally was looking to receive feed back of.

Notes: As much fun as it'd be to make some sort of story to accompany this map, I'll just add that this is an abandoned forest town that has now been taken over by vegetation. What was so disastrous that caused everyone to leave? Leave that to your imagination. (which would be a way cooler concept if it had a game surrounding it to allude to some sort of lore for this place. you get the point.)
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Map Name: Quartz Town
Trial: VI

Critique Requested: Go ahead
Notes: Got no story to add to this map :/