Happy Birthday, Relic Castle!
I'm pretty sure it was Twitch who pointed me towards RC. I remember being really shy and reluctant about it at first, but I'm really glad I went through with joining! It's helped me grow not only as a developer, but as a person. Despite the cancellation of Opal, I do have RC to thank for getting me motivated to develop SOW. And despite Opal being canned, people weren't disappointed in the slightest, didn't antagonize me about it, and in fact gave me some encouragement. I guess the only downside is that I won't be able to return back to Opal for quite a while, but I still think to this day that it was worth it to cancel Opal rather than wearing myself thin trying to work on two projects with one of them I was quite more unsure with. While I do wish I had those years of experience to work on a fanmade project while working on others like others around me, it's fine; I still do TECHNICALLY work on Opal, its really minor things though. I have Twitch, Dragonscud, Aki, Dawn Bronze, and many more people to thank for their support while Opal was in development! I hope to support others and make more friends this year, too Wink
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I'm just glad people showed up.

I'm really happy with the small community we've built, and I think and hope that it's been of some help to people. Judging by some of your comments, it sounds like it's been a success in that matter. It's been awesome holding these contests, and seeing all the feedback and support that you guys are capable of providing. Thanks for helping make Relic such a nice place, good luck with your projects everyone!
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I remember when this community became a thing but I never really joined until I had something to share. Even then, I feel like I've still kept my distance. I hope that I can join the community more this upcoming year and get to talk to more of you guys!! Everyone seems so nice and welcoming and it's really great to see all of you so passionate about game-making!! I've been watching from the outside kind of, and seeing this community grow has been such a pleasure!

I hope in the future we can do more activities like the game jam and pixel slam jam, because those are incredibly fun and it's such a cool way to bring the community together!
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Happy birthday, Relic Castle! I can't believe it's been a whole year; time sure does fly! And this place has grown a whole lot since I joined. It's been so exciting seeing new projects crop up, and more and more people get interested in and excited about fangames. RC has meant a lot to me: it's helped me connect with new friends, inspired me to explore different aspects of fangames I hadn't considered, and even inspired me to create my own fangame project for the Game Jam! I'm so glad for the opportunity to catch up with the latest news in fangames, and to offer friendly advice to people who are trying to learn things like spriting, writing, and fakemon design. It really is great to have a place like this that's entirely dedicated to fangames; I'm gonna keep trying to get as many interested members to join as I can. Big Grin

I'm looking forward to the future of RC, including: more contests like the Pixel Jam and Game Jam, and more badges to collect! I'm sure 2016 will be a super exciting year for fangames, as much as if not more than 2015 was!
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Way before the events of me joining Relic Castle even happened, I was on my own. I thought I was making a fangame, I thought that I can carry all this weight and make an ambitious project, typing ideas, sketching, and dreaming. But after all that time when I thought I was making a fangame, I barely even scratched the surface, in actuality I made something that was too giant to carry, without even having actual experience with fangames, and I only realized I was going nowhere when my project was a sinking boat. When I actually touched the fangame community, with PokéCommunity, I was trying to recruit everybody having no progress on my game, and just kept on believing recruiting would solve the problems with my fangame, but that obviously was not the case. When I found out PC was basically dead, I eventually found a post about PEG on DA, which lead me to RC, and it all goes uphill from here, forming the modern me.

Trivia: Pokémon Sage also played a big part on my desire to make fangames, since I was still a tiny newbie back there I was convinced making a game like Sage will bring benefit, but that didn't really do any favors for me at the end haha. I still thank at though for starting this whole fangame scene for me.
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I was directed here via Twitter, and when I first came here I thought: This is the heaven of fangames. It was so cool to see all the people working on their fangames, and even interact with the makers! That is so awesome to just talk to a person you admire.
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I remember meeting this site by complete accident. When Atomic Reactor announced the relic castle jam video. Being curious as I am. Came to this wonderful site. I never went back. The community is so friendly and helpful. The cool threads and activities really captivated me along with people who have a high interest in fangames like me.
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Honestly, my favourite thing about joining Relic Castle is the people I've met and how they've changed my life. A year ago today, I was a young, unconfident boy with the maturity of the child, but now with the support of all of my treasured friends on Relic, I seem to have grown into the person I am today. A young, slightly more confident boy with the maturity of a 16 year old (which I am woah). This entire post is a dedication of gratitude to the myriad of amazing people I've met over the past year. Special thanks go out to:

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I haven't actually posted in here yet, have I? Let's fix that.

The idea of Relic was something I wanted to start in 2010, but didn't quite have the means to do so. I thought it would be neat to have a site like WAH, but for fan games... Listing resources, games, that sort of thing. I also noticed there wasn't any communities for fan games. Sure, there was a couple communities for specific fan games (the Pokemon Scarlet forums & Pokemon Acanthite forums come to mind), but not for fan games as a whole.

That hadn't really changed! Not even in 2014. I don't remember how it started, but I mentioned all this to Atomic Reactor...so we decided to partner up and make this a reality. And here we are now. I'm glad I didn't start a community back in 2010. This was absolutely the right time for a new fan game community to pop up, I think.

I had no idea Relic would grow this big! Honest! I was expecting maybe 50 people tops would join up, but we kinda exceeded that haha. I'm really pleased with how much Relic has grown and become a community that I'm not only proud to have a hand in running, but to actually be a part of it. It tickles my heart! The amount of discussion that goes on around here is unreal.

I've met some excellent people through Relic, some of which are my best friends. I'll always be grateful for that. I hope Relic has let you meet some new friends and develop new skills as a fan game developer. I hope you've found Relic as a second home. I hope that, if this is the first fan game community you've been a part of, that you've felt welcome into it. If you've been in another community before, I hope you've realized why I personally think there's something really special about this one.

It's been a pleasure. Here's to another awesome year at Relic Castle. Thank you so much for being part of something this amazing. We couldn't have done it without you! <3
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Wow... only a year old? I thought it was a little bit older than that.

Truthfully, I stumbled onto Relic Castle a while back. I knew it existed, but was more into the PokeCommunity than this place. It wasn't until mej71 released the recent Challenge Modes script on the RMXP Subreddit that I decided to join. Initally, I figured it would be just another place to advertise my game and hopefully find someone to help on it, but that quickly changed. Relic Castle is much smaller than the PokeCommunity, and I really like that. I feel like I know everybody. I can just jump to a random thread, and most of the time I'll recognize most of the people that post there. It's kinda like a small family. I've met some cool and talented people, as well as a few that were slightly agitating, but overall, it's been a really good experience. I look forward to more time on here!
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