Happy Birthday, Relic Castle!
Happy Birthday, Relic Castle!

It's been one year since the official launch of Relic Castle. Of course, if you look at my join date, it's been around since November. That was just a beta testing date, though. Wink

In one year, We've achieved 856 registered members, with 16,995 posts (darn, so close to 17,000!) in 525 threads. That's an average of 32 posts per thread -- and we're not even discounting locked threads! I'd say that's pretty impressive for a brand new community, wouldn't you?

In honor of Relic Castle's birthday, please, over the next three days: share with us your favorite memories from this past year! Did you make any new friends? Start any new projects? Improved your mapping? We hope you've enjoyed your time here!
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This past year has changed my entire life so much! Being able to to be part of an entire fan game community like this was truly remarkable. All the friendships I made just bring me to tears, this time last year, just looking back, I was not the same person I am now. From everything Relic has taught me, to everything I helped teach others, being a part of Relic was the best part of my 2015. I honestly don't know where I'd be without the Relic Community. I made so many incredibly friends, and even have a published game developed! Even more incredible is that it won the pick of the community.
This past year has been so amazing. I've made the best of friends here, if it weren't for Relic I would never had made a Body Buddy, nor so many amazing virtual friends. From the time Curry Rose, to the time Relic IRC was a thing. We've come a long way, and I truly can't imagine where I would be without AtomicReactor and Deouen starting Relic and getting me more into the Fangame making.
But a great memory on Relic was when I was a Administrator for an hour. That was a grand time, but I have to hand it off to Ben. He was truly the better of the 2 admins who had power for an hour. So I suppose Aki reaching Admin state was the best compromise! But then again, an even better memory was when I was permanently banned forever. A fitting punishment for banning all the admins from the Shoutbox, honestly.
I'd finally like to congratulate Kied for becoming a moderator! That was a great way to start off the new year and I can't wait to see what he has in store! Heres to another wonderful year! I think you're all wonderful people! happy Birthday Relic!
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Relic has changed my game SO MUCH, and I don't know what I would have done without it! It was a huge reality check for my game, and I learned a lot about what people expect in a fangame! This community has taught me everything about the Fangame World, and I couldn't love it any more! Everyone was so welcoming, kind, and helpful when I first joined, and continue to be as well! I have all good things, and I don't know what I'd do without those Feedback threads... So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RELIC, and thank you to everyone who have made it a great four months about for me here! I hope I have been a great addition to the castle so far, and hope to continue to be! Thanks for everything guys!
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The best thing about joining Relic was making friends! Before, I really didn't have any friends that liked Pokemon, and certainly didn't have any that liked Pokemon fan games! I haven't done much in terms of projects this year, but I've learnt a lot through Relic, in the form of Feedback and the like Smile I'm really happy I came to Relic, I had lots of fun this past year, and I hope I have another great year this time round! Happy Birthday Relic Castle!
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I'm so happy that I've come across Relic Castle! Surprisingly, it was thanks to a post made by RadicalRaptr that linked someone here. (You didn't know, but I owe you one!) Since joining, I've enjoyed the company of great people, and not a sour word. In terms of game developing... I've been through many phases already, and all have been shared here, and hopefully that trend continues!

Who knows what the future holds for us? Let's keep making it greater!
The new Relic Castle is now open! Come join us!
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Oh man, discovering relic castle was like finding the heart of the spiky artichoke that is the Internet. I'm super glad to have found this place. My favorite memories here are the community based activities--watching people have fun with mapping and spriting competitions, and playing the game jam games has been a ton of fun.

Here's to 1 year, relic! And here's to the next one!
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I think for me, I really enjoy just generally shooting the breeze in Discord and on the old Skype group. I think my favorite memory has to be the dank dank happy birthday Pluto/Aki memes that came out of things. That, and having Relic support Evan and my streams of fan games has been a blast.
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Relic Castle is awesome! We've all helped each other to make our games better than they were the day before. The community events have been super fun, and the badges are rewarding too. Without Relic, I don't think I would've ever continued making fangames, really. This first year has been amazing, let's make 2016 even better!
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Happy birthday Relic Castle! ♥
I am just so happy to be here, I don't know what to say! Well uh, when I first joined I had never been part of a forum before so I really just intended to lurk and maybe hit up the Help Thread when I got stuck with a bad error...but Relic Castle really wasn't about just advertising games or putting people down for being inexperienced, it's about supporting each other and trying to improve. So when I saw some of the Feedback threads, where people were just putting their stuff out there for critique (which can be kinda scary) I really couldn't just lurk. I knew that type of bitter disappointment of just trying to get any kind of feedback, and even though I knew nothing about mapping, or spriting, or anything, I thought that, "Even if I'm wrong, most players won't be devs, so if I think something looks weird, they'll think it too." Then of course I went overboard about 700 times.  Undecided

Well anyway, when I started out like that I was never expecting to really get to know anybody buuuuuut I did. And now I have all these new friends who I love, and there's so many more people here who I've met and am glad to know because everyone is so...Giving! Passionate! Talented! Dedicated! AND ALL HUGE NERDS.

I was also going to say something along the lines of FLIPPING FENNEKIN I BECAME A MOD and then EXTREME EXPLETIVES THEN AN ADMIN but I think I've gone on long enough already here...just thank you everyone for making this year on Relic Castle so great for me; you've made my favorite memories. Happy birthday everyone!
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Time sure flies! I've been around RC since day one I think, and I must say, this community is the best place to be around when it comes to our hobby, fangames! It sure reminds me of the "old days" and belive me that means a lot coming from me hahaha. Anyways, even though I don't participate much in the events for general lack of time, they are my favorite thing because they really bring people together, love reading/watching what people are doing here.

I'm sure from now on things will be even better!
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