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Relic Castle Community Choice Awards
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January 20th - January 30th

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Welcome to the Relic Castle Community Choice Awards -- our own take on 'game of the year'. Ideally, we'll gather together once a year and vote on which game you enjoyed playing the most, or thought was best put together. This is meant as a fun way to appreciate everyone's hard work over the year, and not as a serious competition.


In the champion round, you may cast up to two votes. You can vote for one of five projects that are being voted for in this round, and or you may cast a vote for a project in the Progressing Projects forum that looks promising and you think should win the "up & coming" award. Projects in the Other Games & ROM hacks forum cannot be voted for. You must specify a reason why you're voting in this round -- for each of your votes! This round starts on January 20th, and concludes on January 30th.


The rules for voting in the Relic Castle Community Choice Awards are as follows:
  • You must have either been a member of Relic Castle prior to January 10th 2016, or have 20 posts to participate.
  • You may only vote once per round.
  • You may not vote for your own project, a project you're a team member on, or any withdrawn projects.
  • ROM hacks and original games in the Project Showcase are eligible in RCCCA.
  • Ideally, you should have played a handful of things in the Project Showcase and voted for the one you enjoyed the most. Don't vote for something because you like the author.
  • Don't take this too seriously. This is just for fun and to recognize the hard work everyone did over the year -- this isn't a serious competition. That being said, Relic Castle reserves the right to disqualify projects for misconduct. (eg. offering content to people who vote for your project -- you're free to say 'go vote for us!' on a social media account!)

Eligible Projects in the Champion Round

Champion Round Voting

When voting, please use a vote layout similar to the one below. This makes it easier to count votes.

In this round, you may cast up to two votes. You can vote for one of five projects that are being voted for in this round, and or you may cast a vote for a project in the Progressing Projects forum that looks promising and you think should win the "up & coming" award. Projects in the Other Games & ROM hacks forum cannot be voted for. You must specify a reason why you're voting in this round -- for each of your votes! Your reason for voting for each project must be about 2-3 sentences long at least.

Champion Vote:
Up & Coming Vote:

That's all! Have fun voting. Please note that this thread is only for casting your vote -- all discussion should be in the discussion thread. Share your favorite memory from the games you're voting for there!
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Champion Vote: Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
Reason: Honestly, my favorite fan game of all time. The graphics are used very well with the story, have a vibrant color adaption, an incredible story, fantastic battle mechanics and witty and amusing dialogue. This is quite literally the game that got me into fangame making. Everything about this game is a work of art from the dynamic way the story of gsc is changed to be more unique and the way the generation shift is adapted in gameplay and story elements is truly remarkable. The aesthetic of gen 2 graphics is far more than simply being "nostalgic" the way they are used and the way the colors are given a new life and vibrant color makes the game incredibly enjoyable and pleasant. This game is my favorite fan game of all time, and I couldn't think of any game that truly deserves the title for Best Fan-game more than Super Pokemon Eevee Edition.

Up & Coming Vote: Pokemon Crystal Ocean
Reason: This game is incredible, Max! From the unique and subtle changes, to the new extra areas, everything is remarkable. The way you map and construct the world is interesting and engaging and flows together perfectly. I love seeing what the progress you make and how far along the game is. Some make a big stink about the tiles being Fr/Lg, but you shouldn't listen to them, the way you map and construct your world and the way you use the tiles is perfect; using Fr/Lg tiles shouldn't matter. I love Crystal Ocean and the way you're handling this game, it's clearly a remarkable game!
Champion Vote: Pokémon Ethereal Gates.
Reason: First of all, I'd like to take a moment to inform you all of my jealousy for this game... It looks, feels, and sounds so perfect, that I am constantly saying, "Man, if only I could do something like this!" There are so many ways that this fangame has captured my heart! The custom graphics are so beautiful, enhance the gameplay, and are all super unique to the game! They blend so well together, that it's hard not to love them! Oh, and the Fakemon! I can't get over them, as they are all so real looking it's hard to remember that this is simply a fangame! They fit so perfectly into the Pokemon Universe that it gives me shivers! The storyline is great, and gets you right into the action from the start! This game has so many amazing features that it's hard to even name them all! There is just so much detail and love put into this game, that you can just feel the heart of it pouring out of your screen like a river! And, I've saved what I believe is the best for last... The soundtrack is so beautiful, so moving, it captured my heart right from the first note! I have an ear for music, and would like to have a career in it some day, so I pay a lot of attention to a game's soundtrack, and tend to listen to soundtracks of fangames on my spare time. Call it a hooby. I have heard a lot of great music for games, but nothing, nothing, can top Ethereal Gates'! If the Auklet Library theme has enough power to make me hide in my room with my dog, you know the theme is amazing! Those whispers creeped me out, and I was scared to go outside my room, until I played them backwards and realized what they said, then I laughed, but the point is, that was ingenious! So over all, this game is so professional, so official looking, that I don't even need a Pokémon game this year! As long as I've got Ethereal Gates, screw Pokémon Z, or whatever you believe will come next! This game has truly captured my heart, and I couldn't love it any more...

Uo & Coming Vote: Pokémon: Phoenix Rising.
Reason: Phoenix Rising's professionalism is shown through every screenshot I find. While I normally prefer Gen 5 Graphics for some odd reason, Phoenix Rising has made me rethink the style of graphics I am using, about three different times... It is just so breathtaking, and I can't get enough of them! The graphics work so beautifully with the mapping style, that it just makes for an absolutely perfect experience on the screen! Through the various screenshots I've seen, you can tell this game has so much potential for fame in the Fangame Community. Every post I have seen for this game just makes me want to play it even more, and that is something you can't ignore! This game has earned my vote for obvious reasons to me, because I simply adore this game, as well as Ethereal Gates. Phoenix Rising is simply amazing overall, and I can tell from the screenshots that the demo will be no different!
Champion vote: Pokémon Uranium
The adventure in the Tandor region has been amazing so far. Pokémon Uranium has many new Fakemon to catch, train and discover, and they are very memorable and iconic. The world-building in this game has been absolutely brilliant, you learn so much about the region, Ranger Force, nuclear plants and many other story elements through the NPCs. The rival, Theo, is a really interesting character who has some kick-ass music! I really enjoyed playing the demo, and even now, JV and Twitch are working even harder to make the final release the best it can be.

Up and coming choice: Pokémon Crystal Ocean
I've been watching this project since the thread started and it is looking superb. Everything looks really fresh in the 3rd gen style and with all the revamped GUIs, the game looks super polished and clean. I've never really played ShinyGold, Liquid Crystal, etc but I will definitely check this one out.
Champion vote: Pokemon Uranium.

Reason: Honestly have not played Uranium(will soon though), I however have seen it in action, and know almost everything about the game. It is really inspiring that 2 developers managed to put out a game of this quality, it has fakemon, completely new areas and a new region to explore, coupled by a slightly different story then what the main games can offer. I can see why people like Uranium, it fills in some voids that the main games still have not completely resolved. What is even more inspiring is that it is almost done..., seems hard to believe since fan-games rarely reach the conclusion of their development for obvious reasons, and Twitch and co from what I've heard are going to revamp the maps in the game, alongside some other things, which again proves that if you work what you have, know your weaknesses and strength, you can make a fan-game that will end up being loved by numerous amounts of people that will support you to make it better.

Up and coming choice: Pokemon Cremisi Portals

The visuals in this game are a nice experiment, and the UI is outstanding, seems very user friendly. And it also fixes some problems rpgmaker games have, so i'll have a cozy play through of the game when a new demo releases. Everything in this game seems promising, cannot wait to play it, i'll have it on my to do list alongside other fan-games, once I play a new demo of this, my opinions on it will change for the good, as it will deliever.
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Champion Vote: Pokemon Super Eevee Edition
Reason: Is the fact that I don't want Ethereal Gates to win good enough? Probably not. So here's my real reasons. Pokemon Super Eevee Edition is my favorite to win because it gives such a good update to the game play compared to the traditional games. The feature of changing the forms of Eevee and the new Battle Format is amazing. Plus it really throws you back to the Second Gen, with a nice addition of the Gen 3 mons. Plus the coding on the game is genius.
Up & Coming Vote: Pokemon Infernal Red
Reason: I don't know. Loyalty to the Project that I joined Relic Castle to comment on?
Champion Vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates

This is a game that has redefined the standard of quality for fangames. With its amazing high-quality graphics, gorgeous pixel art and original soundtrack, it feels like it should be an official game by Gamefreak. Playing it, I felt like a kid again; it captured for me the joy of exploring a totally unknown region filled with diverse and mysterious creatures. It's obvious how much careful thought and planning the creators put into this game, and it really shows.  The fakemon designs in particular are super lovable and practically indistinguishable from canon designs. This is a game made by creative and talented people who love Pokemon from the bottoms of their hearts. I think that PEG has had a huge impact, not just in terms of being a great game but in bringing people in to the community who are interested in fangames and fakemon. I think it will continue to be an inspiration to people who see it and develop an interest in making their own game as a result. It definitely deserves the title Fangame of the Year.

Up & Coming Vote: Pokemon Phoenix Rising

My hype level for this game has reached astronomical levels. The screenshots look stunning, the story has me hooked, and it's bursting at the seams with groundbreaking new features. I'm in love with the fullscreen/Let's Play Mode, the quest system, skill trees, choice-based branching story paths, and more. The new Mega Evolutions are fantastic, and basically all of the artwork and promotional material for this game looks wonderful. And the music! Did I mention the music? I think this game will be a joy to play and I cannot wait to get my hands on Episode 1 when it comes out this year.
Champion Vote: Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

Reason: I think SPEE is a groundbreaking fan game. It has a great story and great pacing of said story. I love how it morphed the Gen II plot into something with way more depth and interest. The battle system is extremely fun and it's the only fan game I've come across who has deviated from the formula. It has the story, the features, the exploration factor, the quaint Gen II graphics, and the uniqueness that really places it on a supreme level for me.

Up and Coming Vote: Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Reason: Not much to say that hasn't been said already. This is a project I noticed when I first entered the community and was always looking forward to it's release. After seeing it get postponed indefinitely (I think those were the words used) it's nice to see it come back full force. All the features planned look dope, the attention to detail and cleanliness of the graphics is v nice and the the world they are shaping seems very interesting.
Champion Vote: Pokemon Uranium
Reason: It's my first ever encounter with a Fakemon game, and when I saw MunchingOrange playing it I was like: ''Damn... I NEED this!'' It was such an awesome game: the Fakemon were amazing, the story (so far) is so damn good and the region looked insane. But probably the best part about it is the Nuclear mons. It just made sense: Nuclear Power Plants that had been blown up causing wild Pokemon to become mutated into a Nuclear type! This game was so awesome and I'm sure the full game will be too!
Up & Coming Vote: None, I couldn't choose, because there are so many awesome games to come!
Champion Vote: Pokemon Uranium

Reason: Its basically a brand new adventure into the region of Tandor and has been awesome since the day I played it. With an interesting story with a few dark bits there and here. The nuclear type was the few fanmade types that actually worked and I loved how they implemented it in the game. With fantastic fakemon that were memorable,features like online battling and memorable characters like Theo. A challenging game that kept me on my toes along with an excellent overworld. Same thing I could say for the sprites. The Uranium Team have really outdid themselves with this game. Seeing this game progress and the good changes to the game like revamped areas and fakemon make me want to start the game over again.

Up and Coming Vote: Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Reason: This game though. Everything is top notch from the music to the promising story. Just everything I have seen so far just have amazed me. The gorgeous art style,the details,sprites and art is sooo good. Along with the really cool features like the skill trees and poke strap. This is shaping about to be one of the the best fangames ever made.