RC Community Choice Awards [Preliminary Round]
First Vote: Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
Second Vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates
Third Vote: -

(can't decide on a third/dont have time to play the ones I haven't right now.)
Preliminary Round Results

We've tallied the votes for the preliminary round, and they are as follows:

Pokémon Ethereal Gates (28)
Pokémon Uranium (21)
Pokémon Insurgence (13)
Super Pokémon Eevee Edition (10)
Pokémon Gaia Version (9)

Pokémon Golurk Rising (7)
Pokémon Jeff (6)
Pokémon Legends of the Arena (6)
Pokémon Infernal Red & Natural Green (5)
Project S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. (5)
The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion (3)
Pokémon Crimson & Navy (2)
Pokémon Marigold (2)
Earthbound: Capsule Quest (1)
Pokémon Rebalanced Red (1)
Pokémon Indigo (0)

The top 5 projects will move on to the Champion Round. Any voided voids (join date, being on the team, etc) have been deleted and not counted towards this tally.
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