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RC Community Choice Awards [Preliminary Round]
First Vote: Pokémon Uranium
Second Vote: Pokémon Ethereal Gates

Third Vote: Pokémon Insurgence
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first vote: Pokemon uranium
second vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates  
third:Th secret of cinnibar mansion
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First vote - Pokémon Crimson & Navy
Second vote -Pokémon Legends of the Arena
Third vote - Pokémon Insurgence
First Vote: Earthbound: Capsule Quest
Second Vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates
Third Vote: Pokémon Gaia Version

Very difficult to pick my favourites, but here you go. Best of luck to everyone in the running!
[Image: U6l9ZoB.png] [Image: R53aoAC.png]

Developing Pokémon Infernal Red and Natural Green! (links below)
First Vote: Project S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.
Second Vote: Pokémon Crimson & Navy
Third Vote: Pokémon Legends of the Arena
1st vote: Pokemon Uranium
2nd vote: Super Pokemon Eevee Edition
3rd vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates
So, I WON'T put just my top 3 here, I'll also put up my personal honorable mentions . ON TO THE COUNTDOWN!!!

My Vote:
1- Pokémon Ethereal Gates
2- Pokémon Legends of the Arena
3- Pokémon Insurgence

Honorable Mentions:
- Pokémon Uranium
- Project S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.
- Pokémon Golurk Rising
Have you ever heard of Pokémon Adamant? If not, you should!
First: Pokémon Infernal Red
Second: Pokémon Ethereal Gates
Third: Pokémon Uranium
First Vote: Golurk Rising
Second Vote: Rebalanced Red
Third Vote: Pokemon Jeff
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First Vote: Pokemon Gaia
Second Vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates
Third Vote: Pokemon Uranium

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