RC Community Choice Awards [Preliminary Round]
Relic Castle Community Choice Awards
Preliminary Round Thread

January 10th - January 20th

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Discussion Thread


Welcome to the Relic Castle Community Choice Awards -- our own take on 'game of the year'. Ideally, we'll gather together once a year and vote on which game you enjoyed playing the most, or thought was best put together. This is meant as a fun way to appreciate everyone's hard work over the year, and not as a serious competition.


There will be two rounds of voting: a preliminary and champion round.

During the preliminary round, every game in the Project Showcase is eligible to be voted for, unless an author has withdrawn their project.  You may cast up to three votes in this round, but they must be for different projects. You may only cast one vote if you wish. You are not required to specify a reason for your votes in this round if you wish not to. This round starts on January 10th, and concludes on January 20th.

Once the preliminary round concludes, the five projects with the most votes will move on to the champion round.  

In the champion round, you may cast up to two votes. You must vote for one of five projects that are being voted for in this round, and you may cast a vote for a project in the Progressing Projects forum that looks promising and you think should win the "up & coming" award. Projects in the Other Games & ROM hacks forum cannot be voted for. You must specify a reason why you're voting in this round -- for each of your votes! This round starts on January 20th, and concludes on January 30th.


The rules for voting in the Relic Castle Community Choice Awards are as follows:
  • You must have either been a member of Relic Castle prior to January 10th 2016, or have 20 posts to participate.
  • You may only vote once per round.
  • You may not vote for your own project, a project you're a team member on, or any withdrawn projects.
  • ROM hacks and original games in the Project Showcase are eligible in RCCCA.
  • Ideally, you should have played a handful of things in the Project Showcase and voted for the one you enjoyed the most. Don't vote for something because you like the author.
  • Don't take this too seriously. This is just for fun and to recognize the hard work everyone did over the year -- this isn't a serious competition. That being said, Relic Castle reserves the right to disqualify projects for misconduct. (eg. offering content to people who vote for your project -- you're free to say 'go vote for us!' on a social media account!)

Eligible Projects in the Nomination Round

Withdrawn Projects

Any votes counted towards withdrawn projects will be void. If a project is withdrawn, everyone who previously voted for the project will be contacted and be allowed to re-cast their vote.

Preliminary Round Voting

When voting, please use a vote layout similar to the one below. This makes it easier to count votes. Any votes casted not using an easy to read layout (eg. a long paragraph talking about the game) will be deleted & void in the tally.

First Vote:
Second Vote:
Third Vote:

That's all! Have fun voting. Please note that this thread is only for casting your vote -- all discussion should be in the discussion thread. Share your favorite memory from the games you're voting for there!
[Image: wTa79tq.png]
First Vote: Pokemon Uranium
Second Vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates
Third Vote: The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion
First Vote: Super Pokémon Eevee Edition
Second Vote: Pokémon Gaia Version
Third Vote: Pokémon Marigold

Good Luck everyone!
First Vote: Pokemon Insurgence
Second Vote: Pokemon Uranium
Third Vote: Pokemon Gaia
1: Pokémon Jeff
2: Golurk Rising
3: Secret of cinnabar mansion
first vote: Pokemon insurgence

second vote: Pokemon uranium

third vote: Pokemon jeff
First Vote: Pokemon Uranium
Second Vote: Pokemon Ethereal Gates
Third vote: Insurgence
First vote - Pokemon Ethereal Gates
Second vote - Pokemon Pokemon Golurk Rising
Third vote - Pokemon Uranium

Kinda suprised to be the first one to have PEG for the 1st vote
First Vote: Super Pokémon Eevee Edition
Second Vote: Pokémon Ethereal Gates
Third Vote: Pokémon Golurk Rising
The new Relic Castle is now open! Come join us!
[Image: FpCEdd9.gif]
1st vote: Pokemon Legends of the arena
2nd vote: Pokemon Uranium
3rd vote: Pokemon Marigold