Work In Progress Pokemon: Kanto Stories
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  I have been working on this game periodically through out the last year, mostly just spriting, mapping, and making tiles, trying to get a graphical style together. I've also been trying to put the engine together, using available scripts and stuff to tweak the game play mechanics. I started the High Res Pokemon Sprite thread (Which SpeedXaaa has taken over) in order to make some of the resources available to the public, and hopefully get help completing the dex so that I could utilize them in this game.
  The goal of this game is to deliver a realistic experience of what it would be like to live in the Pokemon World, in a more realistic setting. I am utilizing the 32x32 tile limitations of RPG Maker XP, and as of right now, using the Generation 6 Project (which will eventually be moved to Essentials V16). Instead of towns have 3 or 4 houses on average, the towns will be expanded to be much larger, and many towns will have unique NPC characters, each with a name, routine, and possible quests. Due to the scope of this project, I am not promising any sort of release. My personal goal is to release a demo of the game that goes up to Pewter City, and with the amount of content I hope and plan to put into each area, a demo up to Pewter would be enough for a small, full game. So please bare with me, I will work towards the biggest release I can, but as long as I make it up to Pewter, I will be happy.
EDIT: Also, when this game does eventually get a release, all of the resources made for the game will be free to use by the public for projects of their own.
Progress: This game is currently in it's early development stages, the purpose I'm posting the thread is to get feedback on the content as I produce it. I hope to also recruit any help anyone has to offer.


  You start off your journey after just finishing up a 3 month Trainer program at the school in Viridian City. You have earned your official Trainer License. Part of the final requirements of the program is that on the last day, the class takes a trip to Oak's Lab in Pallet Town. In Oak's Garden, each student is allowed to search for a Pokemon of their own to catch. The Pokemon you catch becomes you first partner Pokemon.
From there, the world is yours to explore. You are living in Kanto, 15 years after the events of Heartgold and Soulsilver. Blue has taken over the lab in Pallet Town for his grandfather. The variety of Pokemon in Kanto has increased over the years, new Gym Leaders have risen, old Gym Leaders have retired. New areas on familiar routes have opened up, new towns have been settled. The Elite Four has been dissolved, and now Kanto runs tournaments periodically through out the year.
 You're on your own now, which means you need to provide funding and shelter for yourself. At the beginning of the game, you will receive a small shack from your distant uncle off of Route 1. You can use this plot to farm and earn a living, you will be able to upgrade your home in various ways as well. You can earn your living in other ways as well, by battling, breeding, crafting, and selling items. You will be able to obtain the badges in any order that you want, the leaders will adjust their teams based on how many badges you have. Once you leave Oak's Lab, you guide your own story. Interacting with different characters will unlock different stories and adventures across Kanto, it's your region to explore.


If you would like to join the team, please contact me with examples of past work/experience.

Atomic Reactor: Lead Developer
RadicalRaptr: Story/Events
Baaabuuu: Scripting
Shiney570: Scripting
akaDrimer: Scripting
MadDeodorant: Sprites
Apossium: Sprites

What can I say? This project is really amazing, it's great that you're using high res tiles (an mostly making them all by yourself!) and creating a more realistic version of the Pokemon world. I love seeing screenshots and work session streams, and I'd love to play through some of it one day. That's literally all I can say. I have zero criticisms, everything is really amazing! Smile
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Wow this is certainly interesting Smile real world pokemon where you actually face some difficulties! The graphics choices so far are really interesting too, I'm surprised to see the Bulbasaur/Ratatta overworlds looking so right with this RPGxPokemon style. The only thing that looks out of place at the moment is the item/poke ball behind the fence? I guess if its a literal poke ball it can't get much better, hmm.

Good luck with reaching your goal! And with your teaching, I know how you feel.
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dang those screenshot !
I love the sprites ! It makes it feel like a whole new game Big Grin
This is gonna be so dope.
The art style, UI's, little details, and everything just looks absolutely stunning! The open spaced maps look perfect for the larger sprites, the Ow's are looking very nice so far! and adding little things like twigs, smaller trees, dirt clumps, scattered rocks, everything just looks great! Really, everything you've done so far is truly stunning. It's hard to believe it's all custom work, I can't wait to see more!
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These graphics look amazing and realistic. I like the battle UI as well as the character which also looks realistic. What really excites me is the story stating that there'll be new Gym leaders, Gary takes over the lab, and the Elite Four turns into a tournament. These are some really great things taking place in this game and gives the player a reason to play this. Overall, nice screenshots, high-res sprites, and storyline altogether and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this game! Smile
Oh, just a thought, but maybe you should put a little more detail into the player's bag? it seems rather plain, and I would imagine it has more pockets than is currently shown haha.
I can't really say anything bad about this game. All in all it is amazing good work AR! Keep it up Smile