[Developing] Pokemon Celestite Version (Demo Out Now!)
(03-14-2016, 03:34 PM)Platinum Cyndaquil Wrote: Oh, and speaking of Oak's Starly, you didn't block off the exit to the forest, meaning the player can continue on their journey with Starly. It won't obey them if it reaches level 10, but it's still pretty OP.

I also found some potential balancing issues besides that but I'll wait until I can finish the demo before I talk about them. But for starters, people who use Chikorita would probably white out instantly to all those Grunts with Zubat and Houndour.

Are you playing the most recent version of the game? Because that bug with the starly was fixed some time ago. Thanks for tell us though!
just finished playing trough this fantastic game <3