[DEMO] Pokemon Amaryllis
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Welcome to Pokémon Amaryllis' thread. After I sadly had to cancel Pokémon Wisteria, I took a break from working on fangames and went back to the drawing board for a bit. Many have said one of Pokémon Wisteria's strongest points was its original story, which focused on two kids entering a tournament. I decided that I wanted to keep that aspect, and make a game even more story-focused, yet without a confusing tournament or prologue. And such, Pokémon Amaryllis was born. Amaryllis still uses the Gen II style, which lets me add charm even with limited palettes and pixels.

The game is set in the Ohkai region, one of the most northern and secluded places in the Pokemon world. Because of this, Ohkai is an region which does not follow much of the customs and traditions of the rest of the Pokemon world. For example, eating Pokemon is heavily frowned upon normally, where in Ohkai, it's just part of life. This is just one thing that makes Ohkai different. A major difference is the lack of Pokemon gyms. There is no official Pokemon League system in Ohkai, which leads a lot of young people to explore the vast landscape and unique culture the region has to offer.

You live in Wistfall Village, a small trading town up in the mountains. Your father is a Pokemon researcher, and often he has to go to faraway places, even other regions, to do censuses and surveying. One day, a girl moves in with her mother to Wistfall. Your father then announces he's going to give both of you a very special gift...

Meanwhile, a sinister group named the Epoch Group are trying to make a device that controls Pokémon by the masses! This is so they can create an army of powerful Pokémon to do as they wish. Will the Epoch Group get their way?

- New Pokémon/Fakemon to catch and train!
- A story that defies the classic Pokémon formula!
- A unique music style that you'll love!
- Food and equipment makes held items vital!
- Pokemon drop items after you beat them, like in a traditional RPG!
- Enough challenge for you to enjoy yourself, but not enough to make you angry!
- New moves and abilities help mix the game up a bit!
- Nifty little changes like individual sprites for trainers!

As said before, Amaryllis uses a unique NES-sounding style for its soundtrack. How about listening to these samples?

The game itself is a one-man job, but lots of people helped me and/or gave me the resources I needed, so here they are. If I forgot you then PLEASE PLEASE tell me, it can be hard to keep track of this big long list sometimes, so don't get too mad!
Demo Download

[Image: q4Z61sf.png][Image: nqfvW9l.png][Image: qKvmAcR.png]

This demo is 10-20 minutes and serves as a 'technical' demo that will show you many of the new features Amaryllis has to offer. You'll start with 3 Fakemon, although you'll be able to catch more as you progress through the demo, so don't worry! A full beta containing over 3 hours of gameplay will come eventually, but for now, enjoy this short demo! Also, the game is not encrypted, so please do not steal graphics, audio, etcetera.

Demo link:
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Good to see you back with another project! Hope this ends up better that Wisteria, eh? Wink
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I am in love with the Rival Battle theme! Great work! Who did the music for it?
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(12-19-2015, 05:12 PM)Fakemon123 Wrote: I am in love with the Rival Battle theme! Great work! Who did the music for it?

The original theme is from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, but I remixed it.
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(12-19-2015, 05:16 PM)Winterger Wrote:
(12-19-2015, 05:12 PM)Fakemon123 Wrote: I am in love with the Rival Battle theme! Great work! Who did the music for it?

The original theme is from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, but I remixed it.

Oh, cool! Sounds very fitting!
Looks nice so far! Great work on the music as well.
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Remixing old NES music is a really neat Idea! I love that logo and the Rival theme sounds amazing! That battle scene screenshot looks cool.
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It's glad to see you back in action! I love the music, it's very refreshing to hear some new tunes, even if they're remixed ones. I'm also digging everything you've shown, it's looking great.

I know what it's like to lose interest in what you're working on so it's great to see you've redesigned your original idea rather than scrapping it and making it something you really enjoy. Good for you and good luck!
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How did you get soundcloud on Relic?
(12-21-2015, 08:36 PM)Fakemon123 Wrote: How did you get soundcloud on Relic?
[sc ]id of song (in embed)[ /sc]