Pixel Slam Jam #1: Origins
Pixel Art Name: Neilosaur
Sprite/Work: [Image: 2vhvt6h.png]
Notes: This fakemon idea I made myself, but the sprite is not made by me but by Manny AKA WyldeRex. About Neilosaur himself: He's a Poison Type and comes from outer space. The origin of the name comes from Neil Armstrong and Dinosaur combined. His evolution is T-Rextrial (comes from T-Rex + Extraterrestrial) which is a Poison/Dragon Type. Sadly, I don't have a good sprite of him, otherwise I'd show him too (He's my avatar btw).
I hope this counts, as I didn't make it myself? If not, I still hope you like Neilosaur!
@Wubba: It's a nice sprite, but since it wasn't made by you, and it doesn't fit the theme of the jam (based on a starter pokemon from the real games), it won't be judged. (You still have time to submit your own work though).
But it is the only starter in a game I'm making when I've time. I have a team too!
(12-04-2015, 03:11 PM)WubbaG Wrote: But it is the only starter in a game I'm making when I've time. I have a team too!

That's nice WubbaG, but this thread is for a special event. We're looking for pixel artists to turn canon starters into new types. If you want to share sprites made specifically for your game, I'd recommend posting in a thread like Fakemon Feedback.

If you want to enter the Pixel Slam jam though, there is still time! However your entry has to be made by yourself, and has to be based on a starter from the official games.
[Image: wTa79tq.png]  

Kinda forgot this was a thing. I guess a last minute entry is better than no entry -

Pixel Art Name: Blingasaur
[Image: gimmiemoney.png]
Notes: None

The deadline has been reached! Thank you for all the entries! The thread will now be locked, and the winner will be announced within the next few days!