Pixel Slam Jam #1: Origins
[*]Pixel Art Name: Chickorita
[*]Sprite/Work: [Image: in5w4DR.png]
[*]Notes: Here's a Dragon/Flying type Chikorita! Since it's only a first stage evolution, it's pretty cute, but it has a lot of potential to become a strong dragon after evolution! I think Team Rocket would want to steal it for that reason. I think maybe I changed Chikorita a little to much, but I had this idea and went with it. The head is feathered and the body is scaled. Anyway, hope you all like it!
[*]Pixel Art Name: Raijinsaur drums its way to the stage! 

[*]Sprite/Work: [Image: pKXN98F.png]

[*]Notes: Yaayy joining for fun and producing awful results putting my heart in it (I would try to work more on it but exams...)

So everyone is like "grass type are useless" "grass types are only useful agaisnt like 4 pokemon" "just replace the grass type with an electric type in your team, its better". Raijinsaur says no, Im special, Im Electric-Grass type pokemon, basically, a water type killing fainting-machine, you can't scape, water-ground? grass attacks for you, any other kind of water type? electric attacks for you, only a water-dragon can stand a chance. Is so OP is based on the lightning god Raijin, who wouldn't want to steal that. And his most important ability he can somehow rimshot your bad jokes.
Pixel Art Name: Rattatogre
Sprite/Artwork: [Image: oyI82Ga.png]
Notes: What are you talking about, Layer-types don't exist? Thanks to Fear and Belial. Also, Rattata is a starter in Rumble.
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[*]Pixel Art Name: Oshawott
[*]Sprite/Work: [Image: i_know_its_a_bit_late_for_halloween____b...9iflhd.png]
[*]Notes: A pure dark type. Still ment to look cute, but demonish. I was going for a demon you want to pet.
Pixel Art Name: Halochu
[Image: N2ZCsGD.png]
(Sprite made from scratch)

Make something Team Rocket would consider worth stealing... Hmm... I know! They're always trying to steal Pikachu in the Anime (Yes. The Anime. Shut up.), but if it was even cooler? So, here's a Dark/Ghost type Pikachu! Remember that Pikachu was the starter in Yellow.
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Pixel Art Name: Mecha-Treecko
[Image: VjEjU6R.png]

Notes: Steel/Psychic Treecko. I thought a mecha Sceptile would peak Giovanni's interest.
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pixel art name: torchic

sprite/work:[Image: sans_titre_by_lightsword212-d9iruy3.png]

[Image: sans_titre_by_lightsword212-d9irvoy.png]

note: ice type torchic.
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[*]Pixel Art Name: Mikatwo

[Image: mikatwo_by_jaxon118-d9itgak.png]

[*]Notes: Attention Team Rocket! Tired of not being able to catch Ash's plain old Pikachu? Well look no further! Now you can catch this Pikachu-Mewtwo fusion that your boss is sure to love! Along with gaining Mewtwo's psychic type, it retains Pikachu's electric type as well (although it doesn't quite show it..).

[*]Pixel Art Name: Missing007

[Image: cKQifmQ.png]

[*]Notes: I took the idea of a ??? type and messed up squirtle's sprite and replaced the missing parts with missigno style graphics
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[*]Pixel Art Name: Chespit (Ground type Chespin)
[*]Sprite/Work: [Image: d3d3guT.png]
[*]Notes: I wanted to make a Chespin, and I like ground types. I was inspired about the digging thing by mashed potatoes. Sandy coloured because desert and ground blablabla

The original Chespin sprite was by N-Kin on deviantart, you can find it here.
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