Pixel Slam Jam #1: Origins
[Image: fdr7Yv9.png]
Can you manage your way through the perils of playing with tiny little colored squares?
This is the Pixel Slam Jam! Relic Castle's pixel contest that happens every once in a while!

Slam Jam #1: Origins

Deadline: Saturday, December 5th 2015, 12:01AM

Pixel Slam Jam

Pixel Slam Jam This is the periodic spriting competition hosted by Relic Castle.

For more information (overall rules, how judging works, a list of jams) please visit this thread.

Slam Jam #1: Origins

Deadline: Saturday, December 5th 2015, 12:01AM

Welcome to the first Pixel Slam Jam. Since it's the first one, we thought that "Origins" would be a good theme.

With that said, the theme for this Jam is focused on the starters. You must redesign any starter Pokemon of your choice. The goal is to change the Pokemon to a different typing, one that is not represented by the classic starter trio typings.
Example: [Image: 2s9669n.png] by Buttercheese

The judges for this jam, as of right now, will be @Atomic Reactor and @Aki.
And our HINT to the competitors on what to aim for with their entry is...
"Make it something Team Rocket would deem worth stealing."

Here are a few things to keep in mind ~
  • The sprite must be of the basic level starter, no evolutions.
  • It can be any starter from any Pokemon game.
  • There are no size or color requirements, any style is acceptable.

And with that, feel free to submit your sprites, or discuss things related to Pixel Slam Jam! However, this thread is not for rating other people's submissions. Posts doing this will be deleted.
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Definitely going to try and work up something for this. I love retyping, and especially the starters. Let's hope I can cook up something interesting
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So are we only doing Sprite edits? Or can it be 100% original, not based on the original Pokemon's Sprite at all?
You can do whatever you want within the given guidelines. So yeah it can be an edit, or an original work!
I did a Poison type Charmander :3

Pixel Art Name: Poison type Charmander
Sprite/Work: [Image: 734lKnJ.png]
Notes: It's Poison type

I just really want to hammer in the fact that it is a poison type.
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Ooh, I always love a competition! So, here is my entry, a Ghost Chimchar...

*Pixel Art Name: Caschar (Casper + Chimchar)
[Image: NCixNSC.png]
*Notes: This was so nostalgic because this is somewhat like how I used to make Fakemon when I was like, ten... XD
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Pixel Art Name: Feldsparmander

[Image: laOeB3w.png]
Larger version:
[Image: a7zNsby.gif]


Hi so I don't sprite but I wanted to try so here's my amazingly awful first splice. It's a Rock Type Charmander. I chose Gen 1 and tried my best to keep to the style of Gen 1 spriting with using only 4 colors. Mainly, it was because I'm not good with pixel art (my previous experience is one godawful gif of Jinkai which was made as a joke, and a recolor/nuclear version for my friends at Uranium) but I found that picking the colors was laborious and gave me more insight into the process where every pixel matters.
I really enjoyed making this as a first time and, working in this community doing not art things, it certainly made me respect the work of spriters much more.

Cheers and thanks to the RC team for this opportunity.
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Pixel Art Name: Tonight, we dine Alone with the state of this land, It is too young that Most of the first party Families move On and Die without their Innocence
Sprite/Work[Image: kVOhT9r.jpg]
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Pixel Art Name: Turtwig
Notes: It's a Ghost/Eletric Turtwig.
Used sprites = Cofagrigus, Turtwig, Dusknoir, Kabutops and Gengar.

http://prntscr.com/95zecm (in case the attachment didnt work)
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Pixel Art Name: Crarboffichuwth

Pixel Art[Image: 12285849_905415786194137_1098443775_n.jp...e=56587ECC]

Notes: My "beautiful" creation is based of Team Rockets biggest failure, Pikachu, and is accompanied by other Team Rocket affiliated Pokémon such as Crowbat, Arbok, Koffing, and Meowth. Hints the name: Cr-arb-offi-chu-wth
This was mainly a joke creation, but oh well XD
Worth a shot~