Spring Cleaning
Wait, it's November...

Regardless, we've done a little bit of cleaning up. Introducing the Project Archive, where inactive and abandoned project threads are stored. This should keep the Progressing Projects forum a little more tidy.

We'd also like to congratulate Aki on being promoted to an administrator from her moderator position! Me and Atomic Reactor have felt that she's done an excellent job as a moderator, and deserves to be one. We're looking forward to the future of Relic Castle with her as one.
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We also have some fun events planned coming up within the next few weeks, Iron Mapper may be making a return, along with the beginning of another new contest! So yeah!

Also, members have been earning badges at a pretty good rate, it's only a matter of time before people start obtaining 8 badges.
We would really like to come up with some sort of tournament or event for members who have obtained 8, so any suggestions are welcome!
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For a tournament, it should be a showdown or ORAS tournament, something apong the lines of that.
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Congrats, Aki! You certainly deserve it. Smile Looking forward to the return of Iron Mapper and some more Relic events, it feels like it's been enough time since the Game Jam that we're due for another event.
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Congratulations Aki! You've deserved Admin for just putting up with me! Big Grin

For the tournament, the may not be what you all were thinking, but what if we had some kind of Game-Development contest, or a kind of Design Contest? Such as make a short game with only one gym, and people could get placed for best character development, best storyline, best Fakemon, etc. so many people could win. Otherwise it could be just one winner of course... Just a thought.
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I like the idea of a tournament having more to do with game development, rather than battling. I mean, that'd just be hypocritical of me to work on my game and then immediately start caring about natures and stats when my game directly opposed that viewpoint
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