Project Archive
[1] What is the Project Archive?

The Project Archive is where projects end up if they're abandoned by their author or are deemed 'inactive' by staff members. You're still able to view projects and what not in here, but not reply to them.

[2] How does a project become 'inactive'?

If a thread author hasn't been on in at least three months or the thread hasn't had a reply in at least four months, the staff may deem it inactive and it will be moved to the archive. This should cut down on projects posted by members who don't frequent the forums and can't use feedback they're given.

[3] While I was gone, my thread was moved!

Feel free to contact a staff member to have your thread moved back to progressing projects. You don't need to repost it.

[4] My game was abandoned but has a playable download.

If a project is abandoned before completion, your project will be moved to the archive even if there's a working playable download. If you start the game up again or want to release a release with bug fixes, please contact a staff member.

Please also keep in mind that playable releases in the archive may contain bugs and errors that may not be fixed. Posting about them in an unrelated thread is considered spamming.
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