Pokemon Divine Flux
Friv, i saw alot of this game on skype and the irc, and it looks NICE! Also, trainer overworld looking handsome.
Hello again.
I edited the father's sprite and i also made the overworld sprite. The sprite isnt too different, just a bit of the hair that changed+pants and boots.

Theres also the older version for you to compare. Jeez, i really hated how the old overworld sprite looked ;-;.

Anyway thank you for listening. See you later!
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Updated main post with a new screenshot:

[Image: KAqrloJ.png]
http://prntscr.com/8o2q3x (bigger version for people that cant see it)
This is the place where you get your starter.
Them being, Teddiursa-Cubchoo-Pancham.

Teddiursa's in a place with a lot of berrys to eat.

Thank you for listening.
If theres anything wrong with it. Tell me.
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All 3 starter part Fighting in this game?
(10-05-2015, 12:10 PM)joker1000 Wrote: All 3 starter part Fighting in this game?

No sir, they maintain same typing.
The game looks very promising. The overworld looks very nice. The custom tiles are excellent. You have my interest. Also if you ever want ideas for new moves, just send me a message. I would be glad to give ideas for new moves.
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wow best starters ever i approve
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Visually this looks very good. This game shows promise, good luck with it. Wink
Hello again!!!!!

So i have 3 things to show you (main post is also updated).

Region map:
[Image: 1O0SCns.png]

Will's Trainer Sprite:
[Image: uuOBFSW.png]

And, Custom Background for the gym:
[Image: a9gN3S4.png]

I'm not very good at making backgrounds, so if you would like to help i would gladly appreciate it.
~Any feedback is accepted~

Thank you for listening.
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The Region Map looks very nice. Smile