Pokemon Divine Flux
[Image: NLRccTV.png]

Hello, im presenting you a Pokemon Fangame called ‘’Divine Flux’’.

It’s still in early development, so let’s get to it.

This game follows a story similar to the real pokemon games.
You get your starter pokemon, you defeat 8 gyms + E4 + Champion and beat the ‘’Evil’’ Team.

The story of this game happens in the Kijoh Region (probably gonna change that name, later on).
Your father just got home, after traveling to another region, and he grants you your starter pokemon.
During your journey, you meet a group of people who have been stealing legendary pokemon. You and your new friends Synea, Keren and Will, will do everything you can to let those legendary pokemon be free.


- X/Y and ORAS Mega Pokemon
- All 721 Pokemon
- A whole new region called Kijoh
- Elite Battle System
- New Moves
- Hidden Grottos
- More Challenging


The Protagonist
[Image: hv8MO0R.png]
These will most defently getting a redesign, they will keep the same style. (the beenie and the female girls hair)

Andrew - [Image: ABd5kMI.png]
He is your father, he is the one who gives you a starter pokemon. He is a hardworker, and he also likes to do pokemon battles. He is a pokemon professor, or at least he does research in pokemon. He isn’t the ‘’official’’ pokemon professor of the region, with ‘’official’’ i mean that he doesn’t give Fire-Water-Grass starter to new trainers.
Sprite may or may not be final.

Main Professor -
~More information in the future~

Keren - [Image: X10VbMP.png]
He is the 2nd rival you meet during your journey.  Even tough he always hated school, he is the badboy, even tough he is a jerk most of the time, he cares deeply about his brother even tough he never shows it.
Sprite may or may not be final.

Will - [Image: uuOBFSW.png]
He is the 1st rival you met, he the youngest of your rivals, he is Keren’s little brother. He may look naive but he isn’t. He cares  a lot about the safety of pokemon to the point of having a ‘’special power’’ when it comes to understanding them.
Sprite may or may not be final.

Synea - [Image: XvPfos9.png]
She is the smart girl of the group, she doesnt like to lose against bad guys. Her goal is to become a policewoman (her father was a policeman). She is a caring person, but sometimes her search for justice might not always be the right path.
Sprite may or may not be final.

???? - [Image: DGSoX5v.png]

Region Map
[Image: 1O0SCns.png]


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But you need to include at least one more screenshot, the rules for progressing projects is that you need 5 screenshots, and you only have 4.
Also, make sure to update your credits list.

I would advise you to upload these screenshots at their normal resolution (the small game screen option) so as to save space. I like the tileset you're going with, though the tree house thing should probably be recolored to a color more similar to the rest of the trees around it.
What is going on in the last screenshot with the dead trees in the void?
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The dead trees in the void is located inside a gym.
About the tree house, i will recolor it.
Thx for approving the thread.
Game looks like it has potential, I like how your game seems to follow the typical Pokemon formula. I'm interested to know more exactly what Legendary Pokemon the
evil team" is stealing and what their purpose is.
Updated main post with new screenshot:
[Image: 2klptxm.png]

Off this map:
[Image: 6beMdmF.png]

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
The screenshot looks pretty good. Make sure that you upload the map picture as full quality. Right now it's kinda hard to judge the map.
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For some reason I think those trees are really adorable Blush Such lovely colours! And I think the map could be condensed, there's a lot of empty space in the centre of town, you might want to re-jig things a bit.
(09-21-2015, 08:40 AM)Dawn Bronze Wrote: For some reason I think those trees are really adorable Blush Such lovely colours! And I think the map could be condensed, there's a lot of empty space in the centre of town, you might want to re-jig things a bit.
Thx, i do like the trees too ;3
anyway i tried to do what you said, i tried to condense the building and put them together. How does it look now?

It's better, but maybe have the path just connecting all of the houses? That passageway in the trees is just bugging me for some reason.
Sadly Synea is not the Main Female Character.