[New Feature] Post Level
Hahah, same as Slowking. >__>
So if the highest obtainable level is 12, and you need 216 posts. Atomic Reactor's at 20 (or 206 posts). I got some questions:

#1. Will the levels and Pokemon just stay there? Even if you post like, 300 threads, will you just stay at level 12?
#2. What happens if there's an update to this plugin thing or whatnot? Will the system get buggy and it won't give me the Pokemon/Egg at a certain level (say I got to level 13 before the new Level 13 Caterpie update thing)? I don't know, just some things 'cause curiosity. c:

And if the plug-in goes beyond that level, then pardon me. :}
Since no one is really close to reaching level 12, except for me, it hasn't been an issue. I just have to make the next few levels and it will be fine. If you go above level 12 and it's not implemented, i think it'll just fix itself when you post and then it'll update.
I think I've figured out the pattern!!! Eggs hatch every 10 post. Pokémon evolve when you've posted as many times as the level they evolve at since you last hatched an egg or evolved. For example the first egg hatches into bulbasaur at 10 post, bulbasaur evolves into ivysaur at level 16 so 16 post later at 26 post it is a ivysaur. Then ivysaur evolves into venusaur at level 32, so 32 post later at 58 post it is a venusaur. Haven't figured out the pattern or getting eggs yet though.

Do I get a cookie?!?!?!?!? Big Grin
@LogicBrain Omg post level system cnfrmd :O you get a cookie 10/10
Yay I got another egg! Anyone want to have an egg party with me? Big Grin
@Dawn Bronze I'm getting there! 8 more posts and then we'll have one. Smile
This seems like a crazy addicting mini-game xD I look forward to catching them all!
I wonder if there's a way to randomize the eggs, kind of like that pokemon egg website. That way each egg would be a mystery to people, to add a little more excitement.
It'd be cool to have the starters mega evolve too, if that's not already implemented

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