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[New Feature] Post Level
YEAH! POST LEVELS! It's a shame that I will have to get to work for my Ralts egg XD.
I want my Gible egg ;~;
Hmm. If that's the case... I will try to break free of my comfort zone!
[Image: ElI74dC.png]
I hope no one wants a volcanion any time soon.
Awesome Post levels great idea and cool we can be any pokemon like me I could be any dragon type pokemon. I love see new pokemon and if anyone like me to draw pokemon they want i let them color that pokemon that i draw for them.
Finally got my second egg! Big Grin
Pokémon Tenkaichi Budokai, coming soon to a forum near you. (Working Title)

Here, have some free music for your project. =)
(01-31-2015, 09:33 AM)Dead Ends Wrote: Finally got my second egg! Big Grin

Congratulations Dead Ends! Smile
[Image: ElI74dC.png]
I think a cool way to make this even more fun would be to make it so you can choose which 3 pokemon you have. Like you get the next evolution line but once you have more than 3 you can choose which 3 are shown. It would make it more interesting rather than being forced to have certain pokemon.
HI THERE!!! I got nothing else.
Yeah that would be nice, but there's no real way to do that right now with the given plugins, and I don't think any of us know coding enough to make that happen
Great feature! I like it so much that I'm posting this so my egg will hatch!

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