[New Feature] Post Level
YEAH! POST LEVELS! It's a shame that I will have to get to work for my Ralts egg XD.
I want my Gible egg ;~;
Hmm. If that's the case... I will try to break free of my comfort zone!
I hope no one wants a volcanion any time soon.
Awesome Post levels great idea and cool we can be any pokemon like me I could be any dragon type pokemon. I love see new pokemon and if anyone like me to draw pokemon they want i let them color that pokemon that i draw for them.
Finally got my second egg! Big Grin
(01-31-2015, 09:33 AM)Dead Ends Wrote: Finally got my second egg! Big Grin

Congratulations Dead Ends! Smile
I think a cool way to make this even more fun would be to make it so you can choose which 3 pokemon you have. Like you get the next evolution line but once you have more than 3 you can choose which 3 are shown. It would make it more interesting rather than being forced to have certain pokemon.
Yeah that would be nice, but there's no real way to do that right now with the given plugins, and I don't think any of us know coding enough to make that happen
Great feature! I like it so much that I'm posting this so my egg will hatch!