[New Feature] Post Level
Kind of a strange system. It'll take a while before I can get to any of my favorite Pokemon.
I've always liked this feature in forums.
Good idea on implementing it.
I really like this idea, it's pretty creative and a good way to get more people to post more often. Although it's going to take a while to get all the way to my favourite pokemon, Milotic!
God, this feature really is working! I actually want to post more often to get my level up!
I just want My Charizard :I
You'll get there. Wink
Has anybody figured out the posts required for getting new pokemon?
I think it's 10 for Evolving from egg,25 for regular evolution and onwards...
Seems about right.
Nope, it's a little more specific than that. But yes, 10 posts hatches the first egg.