[New Feature] Post Level
Hey guys, we're implementing a new feature that will hopefully encourage you guys to post more while being kind of fun at the same time. As you may have noticed, there is now a gray bar and an icon being displayed under your avatars. You will now be able to level up pokemon and collect small teams based on how active you are! You will start out with an egg, but once you've posted 10 times, it will hatch, and your member level will go up! At this time, your restrictions will be lifted! (As of now, if you haven't posted 10 times, you won't be able to post a new thread or put attachments in your posts, and a few other small things, until you have posted 10 times)

Once you've posted 10 times, your egg will hatch, the more you post, the more your Pokemon and member level will grow! Once your pokemon has evolved to it's fullest, you'll eventually get another egg, and your Pokemon will be moved over to make room for it. As you keep posting, your 2nd Pokemon will evolve. You can hold 3 Pokemon at a time, and those 3 are your current Pokemon in training, and your two previous most evolved Pokemon.

We hope you guys like this feature, and we hope it will encourage you to post more! This new feature is also something that can be utilized in "forum games" I'm sure, but I'll let you guys come up with that!
That is a very cool feature, and a great incentive to get people to post more often. I like that idea a lot.
I like this idea. I shall post more on threads!
Awesome! Yeah I hope people like it, right now the highest obtainable level is 12, which consists of blastoise charizard and venasaur. But you have to post 216 times to get that haha.
I'm going to post 216 one word posts, then, TO WORK THE SYSTEM.
Seems pretty cool!
Seems cool enough--time to make a run for Charizard!
So for now it's always going to be the First Gen starter line?
It will cycle through all the Pokemon, so if you really are active enough, you can get other gens haha
this is actually really cool, im very glad you implemented this