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Pokemon Lost Story
Kobi is cute. Smile
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(09-10-2015, 07:07 AM)joker1000 Wrote: Kobi is cute. Smile

Thank you xD

Update... I made a Grass starter - Furox base on Sentret tail. What do you think?
[Image: capture134_by_magickid1234-d996odd.png]
This game looks soo good and interesting. The story also. I really want to know more about this game especially that victory band. I see you are making fakemon to and the starter looks legit. Am hyped for this game already.
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Thanks xD, Furox is now also fully animated:
[Image: furox_by_magickid1234-d998vr6.gif]
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These screenshots look pretty promising, but I have an issue with how you're utilizing the interface. You have a very wide screen ,where the normal screen is on the left side, and the interfaces and stuff it seems to be on the right, which is very odd, because the focus of the gameplay would for the most part on the left side of the screen, when it should be in the middle. I would suggest centering the screen, and using the space on the left and right as your interface/menu options and stuff. It would look a lot better in my opinion, though I know what I'm suggesting is a lot of work, I would still consider it.
Thank you for your comment, all my interface in the menu like bag, pokedex, party and stuff has been aligned center so i guess i will try center the map and align the clock xD

[Image: sqa2l69.png]
SO like this? Dont mind the clock, it will be fix later
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Yes exactly! Yeah, you'll have to edit all the other stuff to be formatted around the screen correctly, but I think it'll be worth it! It would be kind of cool if some of the interfaces were overlayed on the map a bit and perhaps blurred it out or something, I don't know. It wouldn't hurt to try and adjust the games screen just little bit so the actual gameplay screen is a little wider.
Send you a note with my current screen >.<
just one word: lovely !! your concept is so awesome and not to mention the character design Smile i cant wait to play through it once its out.
The first thing i will do is choosing the heroine (although im a guy xD) Kobi. Although... Rust has also some positive aspects if i go with him^^
@Aljen is there already a date in which the demo comes out ? if so , do you mind to tell me when ?
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I love Kobi too xD, I'm still working hard on it so i could release it on new year eve or christmas with a christmas costume xD...
Here is the screen of the new hud after i took Atomic advice, thanks and credit to Luka for the original design I edited from... xD
[Image: qEH4cAH.png]
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