Completed Pokemon Jeff
Hi, I’m Hukon Riisu. I like video games, and I made one myself. It's called Pokemon Jeff, and it’s a silly little game that was made with RPGmaker XP and Pokemon Essentials for the Game Jam. The download here is a newer version than the original, there are mostly minor changes. There is a list of changes down by the download link.

Jeffs are disappearing! About two weeks ago, people noticed that people around were vanishing, and it has now been discovered that all these people are named Jeff! Various people have claimed to have seen shady men carrying Jeffs off, but were too afraid to do anything about it. That is, until you, the player, get a call from your mother saying that your father, Jeff, has also fallen victim to the shady men of kidnapping qualities. Dumbsparce in ball- ah, sorry, Dunsparce in ball, you head out to save your father from the shady men. Why are these shady men kidnapping Jeffs? Who are these shady men, and what do they hope to accomplish? Find out all this in the game, an adventure awaits filled with bad jokes and... more bad jokes. The game is essentially just a big, bad joke. Whoops.

-An extraordinarily silly adventure filled with Jeffs, P.L.O.T devices and lemonade.
-A buffed Dumbsparce.
-12 rare pokemon obtainable by doing tediously simple tasks for strangers.
-A whole lot of interactable objects which will tell you obvious details, bizarre thoughts, and make fun of modern art.
-An entire small island to explore.
-Bad jokes.

[Image: nK8FrS8.png] [Image: 5Itw3j2.png]
[Image: DJ2LUvI.png] [Image: XXZsoBo.png]
[Image: mZIqwdO.png] [Image: rDYVfxt.png]
[Image: J2XVwUn.png] [Image: TmWnbuZ.png]

Game download- 1.1

Custom things- 1.1

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(09-06-2015, 03:15 AM)Hukon Riisu Wrote: -A buffed Dumbsparce.

I legitimately laughed.
Ah yes... Pokemon Jeff. One of my favorite fangames to ever exist. 11/10. (Although, I dropped the Dunsparce. Sorry...)

All tongue-in-cheek aside, I really like how the plot was short and sweet, and just how easy it was to get necessary tools for success like restoratives and balls. I wish there were evolutionary stones though, as I ran a Nidorino that would've been better as a Nidoking...
Funny game! I looks good. I'm going to download.
I played it through and I really enjoyed it!Really good game Smile
Hilarious! Maybe expand on the quests a little bit, but otherwise, great game!
While I would comment on the moon stone addition (important as I would've had a Nidoking on my playthrough), I can't get over that there is now MORE LEMONADE. XD

In any case, Pokemon Jeff is one of the games that will always stick with me despite how brief the adventure was. Hopefully you'll do a follow-up, as you definitely have a unique knack for storywriting.
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I love the custom graphics looks great
just played the game and greatly enjoyed it
Gosh dangit I have too many games to play.