Ethereal Gates Game Badge!
Starting today...
You can collect the Common Badge!
[Image: UexowIy.png]
Pokémon Ethereal Gates has a Relic Game Badge!

If you've been paying any attention to fan games within the past couple months, you've no doubt heard about Ethereal Gates. It's what I would consider one of the "fan game titans" of the community at the moment. It's got a strong following, and for a good reason. It looks absolutely excellent.

Today, August 20th, is when the Ethereal Gates demo is scheduled for release! I'm pleased to announce that alongside the demo release, Relic will immediately have a new game badge available for you to obtain!

[Image: ywetckl.png] The Common Badge
Pokémon Ethereal Gates by Perihelion Productions
Obtain the 2nd in game badge.

Something to keep in mind, though! This badge design and name is temporary! At a later date, we will convert this badge into a different one for Ethereal Gates. We know how swamped the Ethereal Gates is, and designing a game badge is the last thing they should be worrying about.
[Image: wTa79tq.png]
It is cool game I just Donwloaded the demo and test it out and its graphics is awesome and the starters are great