Completed Pokémon Golurk Rising
Welcome to the beginning of the Reckoning. Enjoy the classic Generation 2 style graphics as you embark on a quest to truly be the best, like no one ever has before.

[Image: golurk_rising_release_by_radicalraptr-d949kaq.png]
Download here!

Teamed up with Golett, you will come across many foes, and even a few Pokémon! Some old, some new! Partnered with your Golett and another mystery Pokemon, you'll battle your way to the top!
There are 4 Puzzles in all, 2.5 dungeons, and 2 sidequests! There are plenty of little NPC interactions, humorous dialogue, inside jokes, outside jokes, and so much attention to detail! What exactly? every trash can giving a different response, every bookcase and the like being interactable, etc.

I really hope you all enjoy playing this game as much as I have had making it!
Let me know what you think of it, and I would love it if people did let's plays of it! I would so love to see people play this!

In this game, you are able to use the WASD keys as well as the arrow keys for movement, something no other fangame has allowed recently if at all. It's coupled with keyboard text entry. This game is also open source, I think you see where I'm going with this. Feel so free to use it! I would love it if every game used it, it would make playing fangames so much more enjoyable, but please be considerate and give me credit Wink

This game is pretty much complete, but there's so much more I can do with it. I won't say it's hit the end of development, but for now it's hit the end. I do have a lot of ideas for what's to come but there's more that goes into development than just ideas haha. Not to mention I have other projects.

So without further adieu, I'll leave you to the game. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here and I'll get back to you.

Nintendo, Square Enix, Enterbrain
Poccil, Flameguru, Maruno, Comboy, Raonak
FL., Umbreon, Pia Carrot, Mej71, Burritomom
Final Fantasy 8 Music, and Chrono Trigger Music
ポケモンBW[ホドモエシティ]GBヴァージョン from Nico Nico Douga - ie, Driftveil City music 8bit remix
FL Remix - Aspertia City 8-bit remix
Super Mario RPG Music
Assorted Bomberman Music
The Spriters Resource
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Totally using the input thing 
Cant wait to play this
Mega go faster

Can I also borrow the rounded grass things? I have a couple more ideas for it, i.e. patches of sand.

edit: One day you'll explain me how did you browse that Japanese website lol

more edit: Im playing now. DAYUM the way you used the trees is the most realistic feel I've had EVER. hyping
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(08-11-2015, 04:30 PM)kiedisticelixer Wrote: Totally using the input thing 
Cant wait to play this
Mega go faster

Can I also borrow the rounded grass things? I have a couple more ideas for it, i.e. patches of sand.

edit: One day you'll explain me how did you browse that Japanese website  lol

I got the idea from Raonak's I didn't know what he did but I remember there being patches of light grass, so I just made something from the simple outline I think AR posted - but just have me and Raonak in the credits and you can use the whole tileset if you want to.

I searched for 8-bit remixes of things, and someone posted that on youtube with it as the credit, I just followed it haha
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You could definitely make the game way longer. I mean why not if you want to. But if you don't, it will always be a memorable short game.
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Well if you wanted to expand the Game, expand the concept of training the Golett, and craft more concepts just by using that, just a recommendation, since this Game also gives alot of questions like how did Golett end up sealed, what happens when it becomes a Golurk, you see where im going with this haha, but yeah if you expand it one day.
You raise a good point, jeff

If you guys have any questions or comments in regards to the discussion of what's going on in the game so far I'd be super interested to see what you guys think. Things like "Why is Golett sealed away?" or "why am I collecting these gems?" these are interesting points that I hadn't actually considered (or at least the sealed away part) and it would help me to form new story paths in order to explain the whole game further.

I already have a lot of other ideas for GR, originally, talking to Golett was supposed to open up a crafting menu, and fighting pokemon gave you junk you would craft into material to then craft into gems. Golett is normal/ground but if you ever looked at his design, his chest and arms are different. They have white spots that look like something could go into it, perhaps the gems fit into Golett? What could that mean?

I'll say this, he has one slot on his arm, the reason for that has to do with the Crafting - when you finally craft a gem embedded with Aura, it will allow Golett to change his type from normal to the corresponding gem. There's a bit more to it, and some gems would obviously be more common than others, while other gems would be used in order to craft other gems, or upgrade the quality of an existing gem, things of that nature. Then this Gem would be used on Golett's arm. The slots on his chest I'll save for later haha.

I have the idea, but I haven't gotten around to fiddling with a crafting script to actually make it work, I didn't have enough time for the Game jam so I cut that out. This game though is a lot of fun, I do have more ideas and as I work on other projects I'll take time to fiddle around with this one. But yeah, if you have anything to add to this, or want to start of a discussion I think it could be fun!
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Wow, I just could not get through that tile puzzle right at the start. Everything around the outside looks perfect, and I'm sure the middle-bottom two were supposed to be the skirt sort of part, but the remaining two pieces didn't look right in the remaining two slots. I tried mixing them up all kinds of ways from there, but I just can't figure out how that crescent-shaped piece could possibly fit anywhere. I'm not sure if I'm stupid or what.

Soundtrack was excellent, the game made me want to keep playing.
The crescent piece, without ever seeing it, makes no sense - also the feet don't either. The crescent piece fits in the 3rd tile from the left, second from the top.
It's pretty challenging for some but really easy for others, I can do it in seconds only because I made it haha, but the rest of the puzzles aren't so difficult. This was one of the only things I could actually do for a puzzle before getting a pokemon, and it isn't too difficult, just keep trying! you'll get it eventually!
Is golurk the main enemy in this game?
(08-14-2015, 07:14 AM)pokealex12 Wrote: Is golurk the main enemy in this game?

I'm 99% sure that the main enemy in this game is a Bergmite, and the Golett line is the main everything else, such as the main Pokémon you have, as well as it revolving around the lore.