Completed Earthbound: Capsule Quest
Hey guys! I'm proud to present the finished copy of my game jam entry, Earthbound Capsule Quest.

(I figured I'd post a thread in case anyone needs help or has questions.

[Image: awT2ZBZ.png]

The game is short, 3 towns, 5 different areas to catch monsters. The final boss is a Lv. 50 pink Starman. You go around the island interacting with people and unlocking little challenges. Try catch the monsters and see if you can beat your rival and a strange scientists perfect battle simulation robot! There should be about 2 to 4 hours of gameplay. You could possibly beat it in one or two sittings.

Download Link:

Made Using RPG Maker XP, and the Pokemon Essentials engine.

The resources in this game are free to use! Just make sure you give credit to Poccil and Maruno, and the original creators of the series. I only made a few original resources for this (The hero sprites, backsprites, capsules).

Hope you enjoy the game!
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Such beautiful palette used wow
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The tiles are from Mother 3, I love the art style the series went with.
Holy crap dude, this looks awesome!
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Wait Simon and Stella, as in Simon and Stella from Sage, :^)
Omg are you serious? Is that the heroes names from Sage? Oh well, I think the names match the characters pretty well.
The artstyle looks great and like the design of the monsters.This is gonna be awesome.
I want this on cartridge
This was amazing to play.

I got all the way to Starman, and trained my entire team to Level 100.

Not sure if there's anything more after that though
Wow really? Can I see your team? And no, Starman is the last powerful monster you fight. How'd you train them all up?