Forum Rules
These are the rules that apply to almost the entire forum, if a section of the forum has different rules, it will be clearly noted.
You will almost always receive a warning before actually being banned or suspended, each case of rule breaking will take into account the other factors surrounding the incident, instead of just blindly banning you. You will have a chance to make your case.

[1] Be Respectful

Be pleasant to each other, and if you don't like someone, be pleasant anyway.

-Swearing is fine, as long as it's not excessive or used against someone in aggression. No gender, sexual, or racial slurs.
-Do not flame/spam/attack anyone.
-When critiquing work, go about it in a respectful way. Tell them what you'd do differently instead of just saying something is bad.
-Use spoiler tags when needed, it sucks getting a game or show spoiled, and some people really like surprises. So just keep that in mind.

[2] No Illegal/Adult content

This is not a place for keygens, ROMs, torrents, porn, or any other illegal/adult material. ROM hacks are welcome at Relic as long as a patch file is provided and not the actual ROM.

[3] No Stolen Content

You may not use content (sprites, tiles, music, etc) if it is not for public use, and you do not have permission. You may not edit such content and claim it as your own or use it in your game. You may not use content from another game without permission. This is a serious offense and we do take this very seriously. If you believe your content has been stolen, please contact an administrator.

This includes the act of decrypting someone's game, even without the intent of using it's content as your own. This is a highly reprimandable act on Relic Castle and will result in swift action if there's any evidence that any wrongdoing has been committed. This is up to the discretion of the administrators. As with other stolen content, please contact us if you suspect someone of this.

[4] No SPAM

Spam can best be described as Stupid, Pointless, Annoying, Messages. If your posts lack content or are off topic, you may be warned. Keep the discussions going by making your posts worth reading. This also applies to visitor and private messages, do not annoy or harass anyone on this site, with messages. If you feel like you are being harassed, simply let an admin or moderator know via Private Message.

Attempting to recruit people via private message or visitor messages for your project is also considered spam and is against the rules. Please use the team recruitment forum and only contact people offering freelance; not random forum members.

[5] No Multiple Accounts

Do not crowd the forum with different accounts. We only need one of you here. If you want a name change, let us know.

[6] Posting

This is a place for discussion, make sure you have more to say in your post.
Bad Post examples:
"Cool game"

"Where is the download?"

"Can I test it"

Good Post examples:
"Great game, I love the art style and the plot you have thought up so far,
can't wait to see where you go with it!"

"The mapping in this project is great,
but some of the minor details could use some improvement."

"I like where the story is going with this one, may I suggest this though?"
You must have at least 6 words or more in each post you submit. This applies to talking about fan games more than it does other general discussion. Please briefly skim through the thread before asking a question, often times the question has already been asked and answered.

You can not post threads, attach images, post polls, or vote in polls till you have posted at least 10 times. This is to weed out people who spam the forum with threads, they will first have to start participating in discussion a little bit before posting threads and such.

[7] No Advertising

This is not a place to advertise different sites, this is not a place to sell stuff. No donation links, Paypal links, or Patreon links. We feel that users should not be buying, selling, or donating to each other on Relic Castle. In the event that Relic Castle itself does a donation drive or something of the sort: we'll start an open discussion on it. At this time, however, Relic Castle does not take donations.

[8] Staffing

In the event we need more moderators or other staff positions, we will choose wisely. It will not be based on how popular you are, or how good your game is. We will choose people who show leadership, maturity, and activity. Please do not request to become a staff member. As stated before, if the time comes, we will choose carefully.

[9] Signatures

  • Your signature may not be larger than 650 pixels in width.
  • Your signature may not be larger than 350 pixels in height. (Blank spaces and text DO count towards this.)
  • Spoiler tags aren't permitted, unless used by a staff member to disable one's signature.
  • No images with large file sizes. (2-3 MB+)
  • Signature content must be age appropriate.
  • No content that is harmful to those with epilepsy and the like.
  • CSS is allowed, but it's not allowed to leave the signature area.
  • No autoplaying music or videos.

Staff members have the authority to disable one's signature for any of the above reasons, or if they believe it is harmful in some way. This is completely up to the discretion of the Relic Castle staff.
Starting today, team/project recruitment is considered spam officially. Please use the team recruitment forum instead of messaging random members to see if they want to help with your project. Thanks.

We'll also be tweaking and revamping the rules in the coming weeks.
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