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(03-09-2017, 08:27 PM)Hematite Wrote: I have a super minor question! I noticed that, with canon learnsets, evolved Pokémon tend to get copies of the first few moves they learn at level 1. For example, Ninjask's moveset starts like this:
The italics are the part I mean! At the end of the level 1 segment, Ninjask "starts" with several moves that it then immediately learns again over the next few levels.
My question: does this... actually serve any purpose? Since Ninjask would have been able to learn Absorb again at level 5 and Sand Attack at level 9, both before it evolved from Nincada anyway, I don't think there's any way for this to influence gameplay at all unless you get an underleveled Ninjask - so underleveled as to be below level 9, and it evolves from Nincada at 20, so that's probably never going to happen.
Nearly every evolved Pokémon does exactly this: copying its first few levelup moves to its level 1 list. Does anyone know why Game Freak does this? I'm trying to figure out if it's important, haha.

I'm quoting myself here in case anyone else was wondering this (a few people replied with equal confusion), because I finally at least noticed a pattern!

I still fail to see any sort of a purpose for this, but I noticed that for every fully evolved Pokémon, this pads its learnset at level 1 to have four moves after any new level 1 moves - in Ninjask's case (above), Nincada didn't get Screech, Fury Cutter or Bug Bite at level 1, but started at Scratch and Harden; because of this padding, a Ninjask, too, will start with Scratch and Harden at level 1 instead of having any moves before them, because its last four moves bump the others up. The only difference this makes is that a hypothetical level 1 Ninjask would not get those later moves right away until it uses a Heart Scale or reaches the correct level.

As stated, this applies to fully evolved Pokémon; in the case of middle stages, sometimes they only have two or three like a basic stage (usually, if they actually have a new level 1 move, they'll have four right away, but if they don't and it's just arbitrary padding, they don't always go to four; some starters, for instance, have basic stages with two moves evolve into middle stages with three for no reason but perhaps to smooth the transition to the final stage's four).

I still think it's kinda pointless, since it won't have any effect on legitimate gameplay, but I wanted to share that because I had brought this up and never followed through/found a solution. XP In the unlikely case that anyone cares or even still remembered this, there's somewhat of an answer? :'D
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