Pokemon: Crystal Ocean
(03-31-2016, 04:00 PM)MadDeodorant Wrote: ALSO!
When exiting the PokéMart in Cherrygrove City, you'll end up in... Violet City. Yeeaah...
Lucky, I can't even exit my room without the RGSS player freezing ... Sad
Version 1.1 is out now! Fixes all of the bugs that were reported.

Just played through version 1.1 and it was very enjoyable and really managed to feel like the Johto region. Great job!

Some bugs I found:
(this ones really minor but) Youngster Joey is a Bird catcher before you return to Elm's Lab and a Youngster After
The trade with the kid in Violet city crashes the game (Bellsprout for Onix)
In Azalea town you can battle Silver and continue to Ilex Forest before you do Slowpoke well or beat the gym
In slowpoke well the first male Rocket grunt crashes the game and makes it impossible to progress to the gym
After getting Cut in Ilex Forest, you can use it without the 2nd badge
Also I used a potion on my Kakuna and got an error message that didn't crash the game, It didn't heal or take up my turn but I lost the potion

Those are all the bugs I found and I also caught a Teddiursa in Dark Cave so that was awesome
This game is great, very enjoyable.
But, here's some bugs:

You can fight Silver, before defeating Team Rocket in Azalea Town, which makes his speech illogical.
The first Male Rocket Grunt in the Well, has no battle set to him, and the Exec Grunt freezes the game afterward.
A lot of the music is basic MIDIs from Essentials, and the Rival and Rocket Theme's are missing.
Also, there's no encounter music. :'c
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