Pokemon Amber/Amethyst [RECRUITING]
Hi! I am TheJawa011, and this is my fan-made game(s) Amber and Amethyst.
[Image: euenpe.jpg]

While still in early development, I would like to share what's going on so far, but I would also like to recruit some members to help me with this who will be fully credited[Image: arrow-10x10.png].

(In regard to this, please private message me if you want to help, don't use the comment section on here! Big Grin The information about recruiting is at the very bottom on this post.)

In the Myoto Region, the game is the same as most other original plots, where you beat 8 gym leaders, take on the Pokemon[Image: arrow-10x10.png] League etc.
But the game also focuses strongly on the antagonists, Team Shadow. Team Shadow is led by Shaden, a somewhat polite man who is completely obsessed with finding out how he can harness the power of Pokemon[Image: arrow-10x10.png] for himself. He believes that Pokemon[Image: arrow-10x10.png] waste their power by only keeping the world in balance, and not for any other purpose, so Team Shadow was formed to try and make that power belong to humans, effectively making Pokemon[Image: arrow-10x10.png] useless and making themselves capable of taking over Myoto entirely. The team has three important characters, Darca (Admin), Nite (Admin) and Shaden (Boss).

In Pokemon Amber version, Team Shadow seek out the legendary Pokemon, Radracagon: The Radiation Pokemon as their source of power.
In Pokemon Amethyst version, Team Shadow seek out the legendary Pokemon, Tidracigon: The Tidal Pokemon as their source of power.
By the end of the whole story, you and your rival have defeated Team Shadow and the legendary Pokemon does something interesting to Team Shadow's Tower.

and here's a list of current Gym Leader ideas and their cities.

Saploso City - Antony (BUG)
Pinnatude City - Arielle (FLYING)
Ampurst City - DJ Boltz (ELECTRIC)
Paricinne City - Ferneo (FIRE)
Toxenta City - Vyruss (POISON) (Also the location for Toxenta Shadow Tower/Team Shadow Base)
Winsor City - Hayl (ICE)
Sudaki City - Meranda (WATER)
Jurassic Island - Terry (ROCK)

[Image: dqi4au.jpg]
On the left, the male character (Jay) and the right, the female character (Jenna).
Like in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, the opposite gender character will be your rival.

There's not a whole lot I can say for features, the only useful information is that it uses a relatively similar tile set to Sinnoh and the sprites are in a Black/White style and that this game contains Fakemon only. (150 have been designed up. Only about 15 have been added in so far)


Screenshot 1: One of my half-decent maps Smile this is the starter town.
[Image: 295ffiq_th.png]

Screenshot 2: A battle transition of the completed Gym Leader Antony event.
[Image: 2a8gs9s_th.png]

Screenshot 3: A trainer battle event against a Team Shadow grunt.
[Image: xkrqli_th.png]

Screenshot 4: An example of one of the Fakemon.
[Image: 2v3k2ad_th.png]

Screenshot 5: And a wild Pokemon[Image: arrow-10x10.png] event including two Fakemon examples.
[Image: 2yl7m2a_th.png]

CREDITS[Image: arrow-10x10.png]

Obviously, Maruno and the whole Pokemon[Image: arrow-10x10.png] Essentials team.
Character Sprites: From Spriters Resource, a guy called FL (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=238068) is the post it came from.
Tilesets: Gaoliver and ThatsSoWitty (http://thatssowitty.deviantart.com/art/The-Public Pokemon[Image: arrow-10x10.png]-Tileset-281342410)
Music Currently used from Nintendo's previous Pokemon Games.


Maps: I am really bad at mapping, especially Routes and Caves, I am happy to recruit more than one mapper.

Music: If you can make custom music and don't mind it being used, that would be great, but not needed as I am happy using Pokemon's[Image: arrow-10x10.png] current music tracks.

Spriters: If recruited, all sprites must be GEN 5 (Black and White) style. Preferably using the Spriter's Resource base sprites.



Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback, I have targeted my flaws in my game, while there are definitely lots more to attend to still, I have re-designed the gym leaders order so the game is a little more structured.

GYM 1: Grass or Bug : An easy gym for fire starter, difficult for water if grass, difficult for grass if bug.
GYM 2: Rock : An easy gym for water or grass starter, difficult for fire starter.
GYM 3: Fighting : Pretty neutral.
GYM 4: Electric: Poses a challenge for flying types which would probably be used against gym 3.
GYM 5: Ice: Poses a challenge for ground types used for gym 4.
GYM 6: Water: Poses a challenge for fire types used for gym 5.
GYM 7: Fire: You get the idea.. good against grass types used for gym 6.
GYM 8: Dragon: And this one is purely to fit the theme of the Jurassic Island.

Elite Four:
Steel? Normal? Psychic? Ghost?

Because the Pokemon League is inside a medieval castle, I was going to theme them as Steel as a Knight, Normal as a Jester, Psychic as a Wizard and Ghost as a Witch or something. And then the Champion is dressed in King Robes and all that.

To answer the feedback about my sprites, yes I suck at sprites sorry Tongue the reason for this is because I really can't be bothered to adhere to stuff like darker colours, I just personally prefer some brighter colours otherwise I feel the players may just get a dull feeling from the sprites.

And finally mapping, again not one of my strong points but I will fill most open space with at least one event or I can decorate with some benches or something.

I'll approve this for now, but try to get another screenshot up. A map doesn't really count.
[Image: wTa79tq.png]
Since this a total fakemon project, I'd like to comment on your sprites. But I believe you posted the preview image instead of the full sized ones.

With the gym leaders, I hope there's not a early Rock/Ground to sweep the first five gyms!
Can u make the screenshots larger? They are too small to see clearly.
just wanna say, your gymleaders are very vunerable to a rock and ground. if you add a rock/ground type in the beggining you coud easely do a solo run, like the water gym is the only big threat. Try to add a grass type in and mabey a dragon gym.
I really dig those splash screens heading the post! They look so fresh and new!
(06-20-2015, 02:52 AM)S.S.712 Wrote: just wanna say, your gymleaders are very vunerable to a rock and ground. if you add a rock/ground type in the beggining you coud easely do a solo run, like the water gym is the only big threat. Try to add a grass type in and mabey a dragon gym.

Thanks for this advice, while I will take this advice and add in a grass gym somewhere, any vulnerable gyms will have Pokemon which have immunites. For example any weak to ground may have some pokemon with levitate.
This project looks pretty cool. Though there are some kinda weird things. For example, the protagonist's trainer sprites seems to just be the BW protags, but with a slight edit (although that edit is only really the hat). As well as this, there seems to be barely any contrast between the dark colours of the trainer sprite of the Team Shadow grunt...

Apart from that, the game looks pretty good. From what I can see of the map, it is done pretty well, but that's kinda questionable as it's an extremely small image. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the progression of what has been shown.
The grass starter is going to be pelted by the gyms... Your trainer sprites aren't great, but I assume they're placeholders.The one map you show us too open, and the houses can be spaced closer to eachother. Other than that, I can see this project going far, and I wish you the best of luck developing this!
I got excited when I saw you were recruiting. But, as a spriter, I'm kind of a hater of 5th Gen character sprites but it still looks good. I like the plot. Isn't amethyst a purple gem?