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Recruiting a new team member
Project Title: Pokemon Darkness
Team Name/Team Members: Me (storywriter, manager, co-creator), Rest are from Reborn Forums - Micky33000000 (co-creator but learning spriting and coding), Trevo (helps occasionally), WSGreen (spriter), Skullgasher (learning coding), Solarance (PBS Editor), a bunch of others (the team is huge but we are working well so far)
Progress/Screenshots: Thread is on Reborn Forum http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index...opic=18677

Method of Contact: The Reborn forums, pbood2@yahoo.ca, or here through PM

Additional Information: Might look like just an idea but I do have the first gym leader sprite done and a logo for the game so it's not just an idea and I plan to make this game even if it takes a while to finish and just because I don't have in-game screenshots because there's been no mapping/tiling done doesn't mean this is just an idea. Thanks for your interest in Pokemon Darkness because it is greatly appreciated. Big Grin
Looking to recruit: Mapper, Music Composer, Possible a spriter for making Gen 2 styled ones
Project Title: Pokemon Untold
Team Name/Team Members: Currently only me
Progress/Screenshots: Method of Contact: Just sent me a pm here that will do it.
Additional Information: You should know the basics of RPGMakerXP since this is gonna be made completly on this engine.
Looking to recruit: Pixel Artists (Spriters & Tile Artists), Programmers, Scripters, UI Artist, Concept Artist, Graphic Artist
Project Title: Project Koda - Original Monster Catching Game
Team Members: Koda (Executive Producer, Story Writer, Designer, Composer, Programmer)
Progress/Screenshots: TBA
Method of Contact: PM
Additional Information:

Project details can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonRMXP/com...hing_game/

If you have any questions regarding the project please feel free to contact me.  We are always looking for contributions of varying kinds even if it's not currently listed above.
Sorry for double posting, just really need help with my game.

Looking to recruit: Spriter, Scripter, Mapper, Tileset Artist, Region Map designer.
Project Title: Pokemon Tungsten
Team Members: Blue
Progress/Screenshots: Don't have any ATM
Method of Contact: Private Message
Additional Information: I also need someone to make a title screen, but didn't know what role to call it as. Title screen designer?
Hello! I am looking for a fakemon spriter for my game that as of right now does not have a name...

Right now it is literally just me and I happen to be completely horrible a spriting, I've done some that look acceptable but with other ideas I have, I just can't get them to look how I'd like them to (I have them sketched out on paper) Sprites would be done in the generation 4 battle style and if you are able to help (even if it was just one sprite) that would be AWESOME o(*^▽^*)o Contact through email is preferred (via my account summary and whatnot)

Thank you in advance! \(^▽^)/
Looking to recruit: Spriter (Overworld (Not Characters)) , Music Composer and Official Artist
Project Title: Pokémon Topaz / HD Gold
Team Name/Team Members: Me and a couple of friends :p
Progress/Screenshots: Mostly info like this : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...dit#gid=16
Method of Contact: PM me here on RelicCastle!
Additional info: HD Gold is in same format as Atomic Reactor's Pokemon World : Kanto