[Archive] Team Recruitment
  • Looking to recruit: Musician only, preferably Gen-3 style music, though would welcome Gen3+ as well
  • Project Title: Pokemon Prime/Termina
  • Team Name/Team Members: No name yet, 2 members plus group of testers
  • Progress/Screenshots: Will give if requested, a lot of content is placeholder/unfinished
  • Method of Contact: email me at exceptionee@gmail.com, message me on here or message me on Reddit, /u/Exception_i
  • Additional Information: We've been developing Pokemon Prime/Termina for half a year now and we're getting serious. We have our own sprites, maps and a heavy focus on a good story. All we're missing is a musician.
Looking to recruit: Spriters (Specifically In-Game Battle Sprites), Mappers (Needed Most!), and Composers
Project Title: Pokemon Aura
Team Name: (No name yet)
Team Members: Fakemon123, GaragebandPoke, Alex Naveira
Progress/Screenshots: Veiw our thread, here: http://reliccastle.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=538
Method of Contact: RelicCastle PM, Deviantart Note, Youtube Message
Additional Information: We are hoping to create a fun, official-like fangame with it's own unique soundtrack! We also would like to have the best graphics we can, and would love to have animated Fakemon! I will update this post if needed!
Looking to recruit: Spriter (I need help making characters and tiles)
Project Title: I don't have one yet.
Team Members: Me... Im so lonely Sad
Progress: Only just started.
Method of Contact: Reply to this thread
Looking to recruit: Writer. I can come up with bits and pieces of stuff, and backstories, but I can't seem to come up with a solid plot
Project Title: None
Team Name/Team Members: Me(I can script, event, map, and some graphic stuff)
Progress/Screenshots: None
Method of Contact: Here(if we move further will probably contact on Discord)
Additional Information: N/A
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Looking to recruit: A spriter or spriters
Project Title: Pokémon Dusk vs. Dawn
Team Name/Team Members: Me and Dr.Mudkipzz. (And possibly even you, who knows!)
Progress/Screenshots: Only a few sprites and maps have been made, but a lot of planning and concepts are ready! [Image: uOENU3Z.png] [Image: esRsBd0.png] [Image: 1OPE3VF.png]
Method of Contact: Private Message here in Relic Castle
Additional Information: N/A
EDIT: Added a few Pictures!
[Image: 4wNDvhq.png]
Looking to recruitUnsureong/Music editor
Project TitleTongueokemon Night Sky
Team Name/Team Members:Only me
Progress/Screenshots:Not done, but I have 3.
Method of ContactTonguem, Gmail, or Youtube EDIT: My gmail is lakewoodness@gmail.com
Additional Information:We are in the range of building tilesets and music is need to fit the tileset. P.s.
Its a gen 4 style, but the tiles are custom FRLG tiles.

I hope you'll consider joining my team!
Looking to recruit: Spriter and Music Composer
Project Title: Pokémon Adamant
Team Name/Team Members: Conqueror Worshop (MadDeodorant)
Progress/Screenshots: Check the game's thread here - Pokémon Adamant
Method of Contact: PM me here on RelicCastle!
Additional info: The game's first Demo is coming out in early 2016, so if you wish to include your work in it, be fast! Wink
Looking to recruit: OW Sprite Maker OR Tileset Maker
Project Title: Pokemon Mirage Academy
Team Name/Team Members: Me and a friend whos only taking care of audio.
Progress/Screenshots: We should be releasing a demo soon, getting help would just make it happen faster.
Method of Contact: PM here on Relic Castle
Additional Information: I can help you aswell with making region maps or writting plots for your ongoing projects in return!

Project: http://reliccastle.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=553

Ill be updating the screenshots tomorrow since Ive worked a bit on trainer sprites. Thank you for reading.
Volunteering for Work

Expertise:- Map design
- Team Design
- Pokémon idea design (not sprite art but like pokédex stuff and learnsets)
- Town design (yet again names and themes not the arts)
- Name designer

Examples of Work: I've made and helped with ROM hacks and fan games before.
Method of Contact: Skype: cojajolol, gmail: steeledscarab1@gmail.com, here via PM
Timezone: GMT 00:00 (Great Britain)
Additional Information: I also have a basic UK GSCE understanding in ICT (computers and computing) & I am in a robot/coding group.

Hope I can help anyone with projects big or small Wink

Replies appreciated Smile
Volunteering for Work
Expertise: Spriting, Concept Art, Promo Art
Examples of Work: http://imgur.com/a/3HRjp
Method of Contact: PM, Skype: witherskull
Timezone: EST (UTC - 5:00)
Additional Information: I'm not very good at mapping but can do any sort of battle sprite or concept art.