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[Archive] Team Recruitment
  • Looking to recruit: Musician only, preferably Gen-3 style music, though would welcome Gen3+ as well
  • Project Title: Pokemon Prime/Termina
  • Team Name/Team Members: No name yet, 2 members plus group of testers
  • Progress/Screenshots: Will give if requested, a lot of content is placeholder/unfinished
  • Method of Contact: email me at, message me on here or message me on Reddit, /u/Exception_i
  • Additional Information: We've been developing Pokemon Prime/Termina for half a year now and we're getting serious. We have our own sprites, maps and a heavy focus on a good story. All we're missing is a musician.
Looking to recruit: Spriters (Specifically In-Game Battle Sprites), Mappers (Needed Most!), and Composers
Project Title: Pokemon Aura
Team Name: (No name yet)
Team Members: Fakemon123, GaragebandPoke, Alex Naveira
Progress/Screenshots: Veiw our thread, here:
Method of Contact: RelicCastle PM, Deviantart Note, Youtube Message
Additional Information: We are hoping to create a fun, official-like fangame with it's own unique soundtrack! We also would like to have the best graphics we can, and would love to have animated Fakemon! I will update this post if needed!
Looking to recruit: Spriter (I need help making characters and tiles)
Project Title: I don't have one yet.
Team Members: Me... Im so lonely Sad
Progress: Only just started.
Method of Contact: Reply to this thread
Looking to recruit: Writer. I can come up with bits and pieces of stuff, and backstories, but I can't seem to come up with a solid plot
Project Title: None
Team Name/Team Members: Me(I can script, event, map, and some graphic stuff)
Progress/Screenshots: None
Method of Contact: Here(if we move further will probably contact on Discord)
Additional Information: N/A

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Looking to recruit: A spriter or spriters
Project Title: Pokémon Dusk vs. Dawn
Team Name/Team Members: Me and Dr.Mudkipzz. (And possibly even you, who knows!)
Progress/Screenshots: Only a few sprites and maps have been made, but a lot of planning and concepts are ready! [Image: uOENU3Z.png] [Image: esRsBd0.png] [Image: 1OPE3VF.png]
Method of Contact: Private Message here in Relic Castle
Additional Information: N/A
EDIT: Added a few Pictures!
[Image: 4wNDvhq.png]
My Twitter
Also known as raspinen on other platforms
Looking to recruitUnsureong/Music editor
Project TitleTongueokemon Night Sky
Team Name/Team Members:Only me
Progress/Screenshots:Not done, but I have 3.
Method of ContactTonguem, Gmail, or Youtube EDIT: My gmail is
Additional Information:We are in the range of building tilesets and music is need to fit the tileset. P.s.
Its a gen 4 style, but the tiles are custom FRLG tiles.

I hope you'll consider joining my team!
Looking to recruit: Spriter and Music Composer
Project Title: Pokémon Adamant
Team Name/Team Members: Conqueror Worshop (MadDeodorant)
Progress/Screenshots: Check the game's thread here - Pokémon Adamant
Method of Contact: PM me here on RelicCastle!
Additional info: The game's first Demo is coming out in early 2016, so if you wish to include your work in it, be fast! Wink
Have you ever heard of Pokémon Adamant? If not, you should!
Looking to recruit: OW Sprite Maker OR Tileset Maker
Project Title: Pokemon Mirage Academy
Team Name/Team Members: Me and a friend whos only taking care of audio.
Progress/Screenshots: We should be releasing a demo soon, getting help would just make it happen faster.
Method of Contact: PM here on Relic Castle
Additional Information: I can help you aswell with making region maps or writting plots for your ongoing projects in return!


Ill be updating the screenshots tomorrow since Ive worked a bit on trainer sprites. Thank you for reading.
Volunteering for Work

Expertise:- Map design
- Team Design
- Pokémon idea design (not sprite art but like pokédex stuff and learnsets)
- Town design (yet again names and themes not the arts)
- Name designer

Examples of Work: I've made and helped with ROM hacks and fan games before.
Method of Contact: Skype: cojajolol, gmail:, here via PM
Timezone: GMT 00:00 (Great Britain)
Additional Information: I also have a basic UK GSCE understanding in ICT (computers and computing) & I am in a robot/coding group.

Hope I can help anyone with projects big or small Wink

Replies appreciated Smile
I am the light behind the curtains of some fan games... "THAT MEANS CLOSE THE CURTAINS!"
Volunteering for Work
Expertise: Spriting, Concept Art, Promo Art
Examples of Work:
Method of Contact: PM, Skype: witherskull
Timezone: EST (UTC - 5:00)
Additional Information: I'm not very good at mapping but can do any sort of battle sprite or concept art.

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