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Looking to recruit: Spriter currently to help with making fakemon.
Project Title: N/A
Team Name/Team Members: Just me atm.
Progress/Screenshots:image below
Method of Contact: PM or Skype
Additional Information:
I don't really have a project yet, I am mainly designing fakemon to build a project around. I wouldn't mind joining a group needing a spriter but the project needs to peak my interest and be worth my time joining.

Fakemon designed and sprited by me. I plan to do as many unused type combinations as possible and that is currently my focus.
[Image: l9Svzgq.png]
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Recruiting a new team member

Looking to recruit: Scripter
Project Title: Pokemon Distant Divinity
Team Name/Team Members: Epic and Dom
Method of Contact: PM me here, Note on dA (link in signature), Skype: epicfromstatefarm13
Additional Information: I'm in Pacific Time, we plan on releasing a demo in December

We hope you join! Smile
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Volunteering for Work
Expertise: Mapping
Specialty: Routes, mountains, caves and forests.
Style: Avoiding straight lines in borders, mountains, tree placement as much as possible in order to create a more natural feeling. Optimizing flow to minimize wasted space. balancing out grass and the like in order to suit the difficulty.
Method of Contact: PM here or Skype: Marciano_Arma
Timezone: Central European Time (GMT +1)
Additional Information: I mainly use FRLG tiles to create maps, but I'm happy to work with any tiles, as long as you provide me a complete tileset. I WILL NOT search around the web for tiles, nor assemble them in a tileset. Sorry, I just don't have time for that.

EDIT: I guess I should elaborate a bit. I've been mapping for about 6 years now. Never finished any of my own projects, usually due to being overly ambitious. The majority of them ending up with a large amount of unevented maps. The main reason I'm volunteering is because I've pretty much given up on creating my own game, but still would love to see any of my work playable. I'm fairly busy IRL, but I really enjoy mapping, and I'm able to dish out decent maps in little time.

Other than mapping I can also offer some advice on design related thing. Things like trainer/item placement, dialogues, possible bonus quests and the like. I might do some eventing, but I wouldn't count on that too much.

Examples of work:If you're reading this, but don't really need a mapper atm, please spread the word. Thanks for reading! =)
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Looking to recruit: Spriter (Trainers for now) and someone who good at making indoor tile sets (that are similar to gen 4)
Project Title: Haven't decided yet
Team Name/Team Members:none
Progress/Screenshots: demo should be out by Late December/ Early January at this rate.
Method of Contact: Steam add me to friends im BigrubberDuck, DM me here or on Skype (see profile for Skype name.)
Additional Information: Trying to create a DPP/HGSS looking game with the same kind of characters.
  • Looking to Recruit: Spriter/Scripter
  • Project Title: Pokemon Opal
  • Team Name/Team Members: Just me, at this point.
  • Progress/Screenshots: Over at my Thread.
  • Method of Contact: PM, for now. I do have a Skype, but I don't use it often.
  • Additional Information: For spriting, the OW style I'm going for is D/P. I've already gotten @Ninja-boyz to help me with main trainers, but he has school soon, so I not only need those OW sprites improved, but I need more OW sprites, and someone who can do an entire Dex for me. I already have up to Route 2 Pokemon posted on my thread. I also need a scripter, mainly for event-heavy stuff, scripting, and general testing of the demo before its released. I plan to try and rehaul some of the battle GUI/HUD by the next demo, as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Big Grin
Looking to recruit: Somebody to make sprites, tiles, etc. for me. They would be in a preferably Gen 3 style, but whatever works for you is fine. Also, looking for a scripter.
The title of my game is Pokemon Electric Blue.
The team name can be whatever you want. So far team is just Arma and I.
My game is basically going to be a Shadow Pokemon game. There will be almost no wild grass. Progress that has been made is just a little. I didn't want to start this process without whoever I could work with. I do have some storyline worked out though.
Contact me on here or on Twitter. Twitter name: 1ElectricBlue
I hope this can be something we can enjoy a lot. I appreciate any help. Thank you!
Recruiting a new team member
  • Looking to recruit: (No limit to any of these positions and our mapping style is likely going to be HGSS)
            - Mapper (Honestly someone who can just build nice maps, if you have your own tilesets or can make your own, that's even better)       
            - Spriter (I would like to make a Fakedex for this game, plus we need someone for trainer sprites)        
            - Artist (A general artist who can design things like a title screen and concept art for our fakemon, this person could also double as a spriter)              
           - Possibly another scripter if anyone is willing to help out.
  • Project Title: Pokemon _____ Version (Name will probably be decided after some Fakemon have been created)
  • Team Name/Team Members: Myself (Scripting, Storywriting), PokeGod8651 (Mapping), Emporer_01 (Mapping)
  • Progress/Screenshots: Pretty much nothing so far. I have the region map finished and the plot is in development. I have the concepts for some Fakemon, but those are likely not permanent. 
  • Method of Contact: Skype would be preferred as we could transfer files easily that way and communication is more efficient, my Skype is therealcalzonecannon. You can also email me at CalzoneCannon@gmail.com if you wish. 
  • Additional Information: Every weekend I'd like to get a group call or discussion going, sort of like a staff meeting, just to talk about progress and what's to come. 
I will be doing most of the scripting, I might hire another person to help if I want to get it to go faster. I am just not artistic enough for the designing portion. This game is still in extremely early stages, so I understand if you don't want to dedicate yourself just yet (I would be happy just knowing that you are interested and want me to keep you updated with more information in case you want to jump on board at some point). Currently I have a world map designed and the plot is in production. This game is going to be a custom region, hopefully with its own Fakemon if I can get someone to design them. My biggest request is that if you do design something for this game, I do not want to hear anything later about not wanting us to use it (unless it's because you think it's bad and want to re-do it). Anything you create for this game will belong solely to you (but like I said, don't say you want it out of the game later on) and I will give full credit where it's necessary. I want the creation of this game to be fun, so if our development crew could get along well, that would be great. As a little Easter Egg, I would like to have something representing each member of the team in the game, whether it be a statue, a Fakemon of their own, a sidequest, whatever they want as long as it's doable. Realistically, I understand it will take a couple of years before anything can be put out there, so if you start with me now, you'll essentially be able to see its entire progression.

Things in bold are what are needed the most, currently.

BTW: It would be nice if you could message me with some sort of past work of yours. I'm not going to be extremely picky with the people I hire, as I would like to have a nice group of people working on this, rather than just myself or 2/3 people.
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Looking to Recruit:
  • Musician - Someone experienced in using FL Studio to orchestrate tracks. Will be working jointly with me to create the music for the game. My own skills are fairly limited.
  • Artist - Someone who is capable of creating "official" art for the game. Most of this involves characters and Pokemon. Will be working jointly with our sketch artist.
  • Scripter - Someone familiar with scripting in RPGMXP. We plan on adding a series of unique features to this game that may require an experienced or semi-experienced scripter.
  • Mapper - Someone familiar with mapping in RPGMXP. Will be working jointly with our project lead to create intricate maps that encourage exploration. Recommended is the ownership or ability to create new tiles for said mapping.
  • Spriter - Someone who can create sprites for Pokemon and characters that do not have them. May work with the Mapper. Highly recommended is the ability to create animated sprites for trainers and Pokemon alike.
Project Title: Pokemon - Temporal Oblivion
  • We plan for Temporal Oblivion to be a game highly centered around character and story development as well as exploration, to pile onto the famous battling and journey aspects. It will include all Pokemon battling features from Generation VI as well as our own new Pokemon, moves, Abilities, etc. It will also include new exploration features that will allow for a much more interactive and rewarding world.
Team Name: Creative Collective Continuum (C3)
Team Members: Crow/Spinda (project lead, sketch artist), Darius Oak (musician, producer, co-writer, spokesman). Other members of C3 are mostly uninvolved in this particular project.
Progress: Planning stages. We hope to go public with the idea fairly soon and release a demo when we work out what we wish to do with it.
Method of Contact: Shoot me a message here, then I'll give you my Skype.
Additional Information: When more information regarding the game goes public, this post will be edited accordingly. We need help getting the rubber to meet the road.

Any and all applications and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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Recruiting a new team member
Looking to recruit: Coder, Scripter
Project Title: Pokémon Enfetter (In the making)
Team Name/Team Members: Me, some of the Silver League members, TGN
Progress/Screenshots: I'll post in an edit. My mapper has to get in contact w/ me
Method of Contact: Either a PM on here or through skype name: cojajolol or via: steeledscarab1@gmail.com
Additional Information: This game has been worked on before but my original coding person quit because of family reasons. So we're somewhat ready

Replies are appreciated! Smile
Looking to Recruit: Spriter/Scripter
Project Title: Pokémon Eternal Legend
Team Name/Members: Project Eternal Legend/ I'm the only member so far.
Progress: Still in the planning stages
Method of Contact: PM on here or Skype me at Aidan Pelt.
Additional Info: You can call me Aidan.
Time Zone: Central Time

I really need a Fakemon spriter and Trainer spriter. Thanks in advance btw!
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