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Looking to recruit: spriters, pixel artists
Project Title: Pokemon Crystal Mist/Pokemon Ashy Fog
Team Name/Team Members: none
Progress/Screenshots: I have a plan/story and a rough map, I need some custom graphics to go any further
Method of Contact: PM or Email me
Additional Information: I may need help with music in the future...

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Looking to recruit: a spriter, and someone who can animate my fakemon
Project Title: Pokemon Rhodium
Team Name/Team Members: Just Me so far, and no team name. My name is Daniel though.
Method of Contact: PM me or email
Additional Information: I'm doing pretty well for spriting but animating fakemon is a whole lot of work, from what I've seen so far, and it would be nice to get a few people to help out. Not just like two frames, but there's like 100 frames for the BW animations I plan to make. If anyone thinks this isn't as big as I do, please just tell me.
Looking for recruits: Concept Artist and  Mapper who  can  Scripter (I fill this role my self but would like someone too help out)  Animator, Music

Project Title: Pokemon  Hierarchy

Team Name: we don't have one but u can call us team hierarchy.

Progress: 10%

Method of contact:Email tspython15@gmail.com for more or pm me or contact me on Skype Slyarch is the username Some Screens

Our thread http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=353950

Our Team So far: 3 spriters And me lead dev

Social Media https://twitter.com/YellowBanana567 and http://yellowbanana567.deviantart.com/

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Recruiting A Team Member
Position: Sprite Artist (Pokemon Battle Sprites/Animation, Trainer Sprites, other pixel art); Midi musician is also welcome
Team Name: None
Team Members: Only myself ATM
Game Title: Trainers of Might and Magic (Pokemon mod of Heroes of Might and Magic 2)
Current Progress Made: Most of the development is taken of, art is in early development.
Preferred Method of Contact: Message me here or skype at Voyage2697.
  • Looking to recruit: Looking atm. for someone that can animate sprites + a second programmer for mapping and such.

  • Project Title: Dont have a name yet

  • Team Name/Team Members: Dont have a name yet
  • Additional Information: We`ve got a great start so far, allthough we would like let it go by even faster with another programmer.
    We do also really need a animator, cause what is a pokemon game without animating sprites right?!
    If you are interrested then please, hit me up!
    And if you have any questions or whatever, then feel free to ask them!

  • Method of Contact: Twitter: @Themangoartist_ or skype: Stealthgert
Thanks allready!
Looking to recruit: Artist (overworlds, trainers in battle,ebs style, and promo art)
Project Title: Pokemon Aria
Team Name/Team Members: Just me
Progress/Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/IWmI7 those are a few maps/in game screenshots a few of the early game maps i plan on redoing
Method of Contact: skype: theshinylizerd twitter @bryanLroberts14
Additional Information: I am very new to relic/ fan games, but I am always willing to learn and adapt. since school is starting soon twitter dm's are the easiest way to contact me.
Looking to recruit: Spriters (For Fakemon Sprites)
Project Title: Pokemon Flash Fire/White Water
Team Name/Team Members: Team Flash Fire!/Myself, and 2 others who don't have accounts
Progress/Screenshots: A few sprites and maps made, and some stats (website: illamaregion.weebly.com)
Method of Contact: Email: cadeorade5@yahoo.com, Skype: Cadeorade5
Additional Information: Hoping to make more maps when more sprites come in!
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Looking to recruit: Spriter, Tile artist
Project Title: Pokemon Orange Version
Team Name/Team Members: No team name and no members currently
Method of Contact: PM,Or email- bananadragon038@gmail.com
Additional Information:This is a project for fun obviously non profit and I am in no hurry so if you join take your time It is about the Orange Islands but a new version and the story is about the Origins of mew,mewtwo,mewthree etc. and also Involves the oh so evil Mr.Man if you don't wanna help that's cool but I'd really appreciate it thanks. :b
Looking to recruit: Concept Artists/Sketchers, Fakemon Spriters, Tileset Spriters, and Music Composers.

Project Title(s): Pokemon Jadeite and Pokemon Painite.

Team Name/Team Members: Project Auren- FlamingFalcon (Lead Game Developer) and MeetYourReaper (Lead Concept Artist and Spriter)

Progress/Screenshots: We currently have no screenshots (as we need a whole new tileset) but Pokemon will be released shortly! We have the main plot developed.

Method of Contact: Skype would be the easiest. Feel free to contact me at cod_nick1 If you do not have a Skype or do not wish to use it, feel free to message me here!

Additional Information: We are a Fakemon fan game and are expecting a completely new tileset for the game meaning that this game will take quite a while to develop. We're expecting 1-4 years of development, to release the demo, depending on the amount of team members we have. When you become a member of the team, it is expected you can devote this amount of time to help the game. It is understandable that life happens and you can't always be apart of the team and we respect that. Everyone will be credited weather your on the team the whole time or only partially. Thank you for considering a position on Project Auren!
Looking to recruit: Sprites for pokemon including party icons for fakemons and npcs like trainers

[*]Project Title: Pokémon Surge
[*]Team Name/Team Members: Team Surge \ Just me
[*]Progress/Screenshots: Up to the first city
[*]Method of Contact: either pm on here or my Skype michael_john_king or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kirr30 is the link to my facebook page so you can add me
[*]Additional Information: if you know anyone who is also good with making custom backgrounds for the party background and custom bag back ground and can do like a 5th gen thing where it has the icon and says like bag or with the trainer card icon and says the playes name and the intro title screen and knows how to make a little credits screen I would appreciate their help as well and yes for everyone that helps they will be credited and there name will show in the credits thank you if you can help me