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Team Recruitment

This is a thread for members to seek additional team members for their projects, or to volunteer themselves for any teams looking to pick someone up. There are a couple guidelines in place to make this a smooth process.
  • Please only post once. Making more than one post or deleting your previous post and re-posting is not allowed. Edit your post if a position is filled or if you're still looking for someone. Including the date of the edit might be an idea.
  • This thread is not for discussion. Don't bother answering anyone in the thread -- just send them a private message.
  • Be very clear in your post. Nobody is going to contact you if they don't understand what you're offering or looking for.

Be sure to use the following templates when posting in this thread. It will the thread look more organized.

Recruiting a new team member
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  • Project Title:
  • Team Name/Team Members:
  • Progress/Screenshots:
  • Method of Contact:
  • Additional Information:

Volunteering for Work
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I'm looking for a pixelartist
TitleTongueokemon Iredeant
Team name:Not sure

Contact mode:Twitter email PM or wechat
Looking to recruit: Spriter
Project Title: Pokemon G/S/C Redux
Team Name/Team Members: Me
Method of Contact: PM, Skype
Additional Information: This project is just for fun, Its a remake of G/S/C. If you don't want to be involved, that's fine.
Looking to recruit: Battle Sprite creator, scripter, and/or mapper
Project Title: Pokémon Cosmic Version
Team Name/Team Members: Cosmic Studios, Team Members: Me, @Aki, Divya Mamgai, Dalton Bergeron, Brandon Uenaka, and a few others as well.
Progress/Screenshots: Post, in Progressing Games for more info, but 1 demo is out so far.
Method of Contact: PM here, Skype Message/Email via kedz07@gmail.com
Additional Information: N/A
Recruiting! Recruting! Recruting!

I'm starting my new game called Pokémon Lustrous Aqua. My game is currently being worked on and I am making some great progress. Basically, this game is a Generation 5 style game and it begins in a brand new region called Fento. It contains over 100 new fakemon but I have currently made around 50. You start off in a small town called Lurosa Town. You and your rival are excited because you will be receiving your very first pokemon from Professor Dan. You can choose from 3 starters and they are fakemon. You will then be asked to deliver a letter to Professor Dan's friend on Route 2. After delivering the letter, Professor Dan's friend will give you a mysterious egg to take back to Professor Dan (Similar to Johto). He will tell you to keep it and when it hatches, you will discover a rare fakemon that you can't get anywhere else in the game. Also, you will be asked if you are willing to help explore the Fento by accepting the Pokedex. Getting your first pokemon with your new egg, you will head on the the first gym city to earn your first badge.
That's how the story will look like up to this point, but I struggle with creating a plot/storyline to make my game sound a bit more interesting.
-New Fakemon
-New Characters
-New Legendary Fakemon
-New Gym Leaders
-New Towns/Cities
-Awesome Battle Music

I am recruiting anyone who is interested in helping create fakemon for the game. I am struggling with coming up with more fakemon. Also, I am recruiting anyone who can extend the storyline and come up with an exciting and better story/plot for the game. I would like to build a team with people who can help with different roles for the game. I would also like anyone who can draw some really good art, and possibly some good spriters as well. Anyone who is interested, please let me know by sending me a PM or e-mailing me at pokemontrainersimon470@gmail.com. You can learn more about this game by heading over to my website link in my profile or signature. This game is going to be really awesome if I get the support needed for it to turn out well. Okay, thanks for your time! 

Looking to recruit: Dialogue Editor
Project Title: Pokemon Cordite Vers. (working title)
Team Name/Team Members: No real team name, I guess the Cordite Dev. Team? Just me so far.
Progress/Screenshots: 3 maps done, 2 modified gen 3 tilesets, a few sprites of the male MC, a new key item...
No real screenshots yet, but I will provide a demo for your viewing pleasure.
Method of Contact: Message me on the forums please, or Email me at greym424@gmail.com
Additional Information: Ive been slaving at this project for 3 days, and I hope it to be a summer project, though I doubt it will be that short. I need someone to analyse and write out intriguing dialogue and text for my game, considering I dont really like my own text that much.
Looking to recruit: Spriter
Project Title: Pokemon Seafare
Team Name/Team Members: Team name: GameFurret Productions Members: Just me!
Method of Contact: Send a mail to : sverre712gamefurret@gmail.com
Additional Information:
Spriter: For overworlds, tiles, trainer sprites and megas.
New project pokemon seafare!
Make sure to put your username in the e-mail
EDIT2: Edited it to fit my current project.
Looking to recruit: Spriter (rival villain sprites enc)

Project Title: Pokemon Natrolite

Team Name/Team Members: only me now

Progress/Screenshots: just done with remading the first town

Method of Contact:
via pm here or on my skype (will pm it to you)
Looking to recruit: A Programmer/Scripter

Project Title: Pokémon Awakening

Team Name/Team Members: Mapxcreations, Enther, ToStronk4u, Pepsicmb, Phatmon Monstraros, Swag Lord, ZetaWolf242, Aakito, AshinxsLaw, ShinyGazza.

Progress/Screenshots: We have some but there not completely ready.

Method of Contact: Skype, im ToStronk4u there add me!

Additional Information: Were working on a prototype for our game, but we need a good scripter to do this.
Looking to recruit: Any & All Positions (Tilesets, Sprites, Scripting, etc.)
Project Title: Pokemon Zircon
Team Name/Team Members: Superplex Bros
Progress/Screenshots: N/A. Game is in planning stages.
Method of Contact: Skype! Add me at md_punk
Additional Information: We're still early on in planning but if you want to get more information please feel free to message me on here or on Skype.