Resource Sun/Moon Battler Sprite Pack

Some of my friends and I have collected, compiled and edited together a pack of 5th-gen styled battlers formatted for Pokemon Essentials. All Gen-7 Pokemon and forms are included.
Eggs and canon Shiny sprites are also included.

You may use it in your projects if you credit the included list of people.

I hope it can be useful.
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These look really nice! I especially love the patterns on the Minior, Salandit, and Bruxish eggs!

(also, this might be a bit off-topic, but seeing a completed set has me excited for their debut in Reborn!)
Hey, Amethyst,

These looks great! I'll discuss with my partners about including these in my game. I've been looking for these for a while. Just one question, do you plan on making animated versions of these sprites? If you put them in gif file formats, you can use dragonnite's gif to PNG converter to make them compatible with EBS and the Gen 6 project.
@skylander thanks! i am also very excited to get them in there!!

i have no plans to make animated versions, sorry. i think smogon's sprite project goes so far as animating them but i have not kept up with how far along that is.
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OK then. They look great anyway. Thanks for sharing such a great resource.
The pack has been updated with some minor fixes to the base sprites (mostly transparency) and a script code to position A-Exeggutor's sprites in the summary screen and dex. The link is the same as the first post.