Help Environment Based Entry Animations
Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone knew how to programme different entry animations for Pokemon Essentials, like in Sun and Moon. For example, in a rock environment, they would have a different animation from the one in a water environment. These animations are also based on the environment. So rocks would have a rock based entry animation, etc.

If anyone has graphical resources or scripts or there is already a way to do this, please let me know.

EBS already handles entry animations based on the environment; surfing, cave, indoor, etc. You can always look at the EntryAnimations script and look at how its done. I only mention this because in your game's thread it says you're using EBS.
I think he means the entry animations when the battle starts.
Not when you encounter a pokemon.
When the battle starts and you encountered a pokemon in grass it shows.. grass.
Hey Luka/ManlyMaid,

Sorry, I forgot to specify that the environment based animations were for wild encounters.

You're both sort of right. I had a look at the EBS script and tried it out, and they do have separate animations. Thanks for suggesting this. 

However, I wanted an actual animation based on where you are. For example, in Sun and Moon, it shows a wave crashing down for when you encounter a wild Pokemon in water and grass when you encounter a wild Pokemon in grass.

Is there any way to do this? 

Thanks for your time, though,