Help Giving tileset passage/etc to other people
#1 example of what i'm talking about

i'm working on a project with multiple people and i'd like to know where this is stored in the essentials folder so i can give them it
(not the tileset itself. the passage, terrain tags, etc)
Well, in the Data folder, there should be two files - Tilesets and TilesetTemp. I'm not sure if the latter is needed or not, but try sending them a copy of those and have them override the ones they have in their files. So as long as they have the same tilesets set on the same number in the database, it should have the all the passage of the original. Or you could send a copy of the entire Essentials project folder that you're using. That way it just has to be set up once and then it can be passed on to multiple people.

Alternatively, they might not even need them. I would imagine that there is a "master copy" of your game project files - the one that you plan on compiling, compressing, and uploading. As long as you have that, then they can carry on without it, and when everything is transferred over to the master copy, then the passage should be there.

Or, you know, they can just add the passage on their own.