Work In Progress Pokemon Shining Star/Shady Eclipse
NOTE: If you would like to help us in any way, post or PM back saying what you can do or what you would like to do.

Hi, guys! Ever since myself and one of my friends were little, we’ve always loved Pokemon. That’s why we decided to make our very own Pokemon game. We came up with a region, planned the characters and chose the Pokemon. Then, we used the Pokemon Essentials kit along with RPG Maker XP to turn our planning into a real, live Pokemon game. At this stage, all of the maps have been completed and there are only a few bugs that need to be ironed out before it can be officially released. We have been working on this game for over 7 months now and it’s amazing what you can get done in such a short amount of time. We believe that our game will bring back tradition to Pokemon and do so in an original manner. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Genus Region, yet another island located in the Pokemon world. Filled with new Pokemon and characters, this is the place for your next adventure to begin. Though the Genus Region may seem all light and fluffy, it has a dark backside to it, along with an evil group of ghosts called Team Spectre. You start off your adventure with one of three starter Pokemon, challenging your two rivals along the way. You will travel through all of the cities and towns, collecting gym badges so that you can challenge the Elite Four and Genus Champion! However, along the way, you will encounter mysterious ghost-likes that will try to steal your Pokemon, take your items and make your life miserable. These people belong to an organisation called Team Spectre. Their goal is to eliminate weakness from the entire universe and must take control of the Galaxy Duo to achieve their goal of not only wiping weakness from the world but from space too. After defeating the Pokemon League, Team Spectre is still on their mission, this time with more legendary Pokemon on their side. But it’s not all bad news. There is an organisation called the PRT, or the Pokemon Ranger Team who want to promote equality in Pokemon. But are they on your side? Will you be able to save the weak Pokemon of this world? Or will they be destroyed forever?

In Pokemon Shining Star and Shady Eclipse, many features have been saved from older Pokemon games and many will be introduced. Mega Evolution, the PWT, Safari Zone, Gyms, Pokemon League, Game mode selection and mouse functionality have been salvaged from other games, but there are many new features too. Some of these include new Pokemon, Genus Species (transforming Pokemon with exclusive items), new items, new maps, new types, new regions, new evil team, new rivals, new characters, new moves and increased difficulty battles. You will be provided with information on how to use these features in the readme.txt


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Planning Document:





NOTE: As we progress with programming, more credits will be added!
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Looks interesting, about the maps though, they look a bit bland and empty, I highly recommend you take a look at atomic reactor's first episode of how to make a game, he covers mapping in it. Also there is a thread here called map showcase, if you post your map there you can get lots of feedback and it help you become better at mapping in general
Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year! I am pleased to bring you the latest news of Pokemon Shining Star and Shady Eclipse. (Please feel free to forward this onto your friends, family, etc.)

Updated Threads: In the coming weeks, you can look forward to some screenshots of the game being updated as well as much of the media in our threads. Stay tuned!

Graphical Upgrades: The Generation 4 project is now complete! Thanks to all those who helped out! We have upgraded from Generation 3 graphics to Generation 4, otherwise known as the Sinnoh Region. We hope this makes your playing experience more enjoyable.

Custom Overworld Sprites: Thanks to one of my friends, we now have a complete set of custom overworlds. These are for the Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champion, Team Spectre etc. I hope that this will make the game more unique and original. 

Website: Unfortunately, we have had to remove the new Pokemon page from the website as decisions are being made about that at the moment. However, we are working on a wiki, which will be mentioned later.

Media: At the moment, we have two forums approved, which can be found at the bottom of this email. We also have a website, which can be found below. And we are currently working on a wiki, which can also be found below. Please note the wiki is incomplete.

Concept Art:  I have sent the base designs of our cover art to a graphic designer, who is in charge of the concept art for our game. He has finished the Shady Eclipse cover art and is working on the Shining Star at the moment. More concept art will be released in the future.

Beta Version 0.1 and Beta Testers: Thanks to all who applied to beta test our game. Now the generation 4 project is complete, we will be releasing a beta version shortly. After the beta testing is complete, you can looks forward to a demo.

Demo Version: The PSSSE Demo Version will be released as soon as the beta testing is complete. Hopefully, this demo will be better than the old one... We will be publishing the link when it is ready and we will notify you if you have subscribed to the thread.

Hard Game Copies: We have organised a few hard copies of the game to distribute, however, we have some more to spare. These copies will be for the people who help us in any way. If you would like to contribute to our game, please send me an email. 

New Trailer: Shortly, a new trailer will be released where you can see the new overworlds as well as the upgraded graphics. I will email all when the trailer is released. Just a last minute check, at the end of Tuesday, the release trailer will be taken down, so if you want to watch it one last time, better hurry.

Fakemon: Lastly, and on a not so good note, we are deciding whether or not to put Fakemon in our game. There are various issues with putting them in, so we will discuss them. If you would like to voice your opinions, please reply to all this email or send me another email regarding your opinions.

Forum 1:

Forum 2:



Many blessings for the year,
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