[New Event] Relic Castle Wonder Trade
I'll breed some Vulpix and give those away!
Maybe some Popplio and Litten as well, but I'll be focusing on Vulpix for now.
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I been trading so many Vulpix because those are popular, plus I hope people who get them have moon so then they get some progress on the pokédex.
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These are all very fun ideas! I remember trying to participate in one of these back in X and Y, but all I could come up with was Eevees holding evolutionary stones.

I wish I had known about this sooner to prepare more, but my brother intends to breed some Vulpixs with HAs, and I can probably manage some Orangurus and Sandshrews!
I traded a few Archen the other day, only about half a box full but it was still nice to get involved in this event Smile I didn't get anything too great back, but I did get a few I needed for my Pokedex, like a Surskit and actually even a Glalie (and a Caterpie. How hadn't I caught a Caterpie!?).
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Not as much luck as from the Christmas trades, but I put a bunch of Sandile on there (felt like it was somewhat rare since some players may not even go into the desert in their playthrough). Still managed to get a few diamonds in the rough like Pokémon with multiple IVs or egg move mons.

Overall I think some of the things I got on Christmas more than makes up for the common Yungoos though.
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Gave away a mixed box of Bounsweet/Tirtouga/Wimpod breeding leftovers. Didn't get anything outstanding (3-4 breeding leftovers, and some rare Pokémon) but I wasn't expecting anything, so I'm satisfied knowing I gave some cool Pokémon away, hopefully some that went to new players experiencing the game for the first time!
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I mentioned earlier in the thread about what I gave away, but I got some neat stuff, like breedject Mimikyu and Gible. I appreciate Beast Ball mons too. Sadly nothing amazing, most of my haul weren't that good.
Traded away a box and a half of nearly perfect Mimikyus as well as two shiny Mimis on Christmas Day. Got a whole bunch of Sun exclusives and some dex fillers. Other than that nothing really exciting but it was still fun!
Thanks everyone for participating! We will be distributing the badges shortly. Happy New Year! Wahee!
The new Relic Castle is now open! Come join us!
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