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[New Event] Relic Castle Wonder Trade
I'll breed some Vulpix and give those away!
Maybe some Popplio and Litten as well, but I'll be focusing on Vulpix for now.
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I been trading so many Vulpix because those are popular, plus I hope people who get them have moon so then they get some progress on the pokédex.
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These are all very fun ideas! I remember trying to participate in one of these back in X and Y, but all I could come up with was Eevees holding evolutionary stones.

I wish I had known about this sooner to prepare more, but my brother intends to breed some Vulpixs with HAs, and I can probably manage some Orangurus and Sandshrews!
I traded a few Archen the other day, only about half a box full but it was still nice to get involved in this event Smile I didn't get anything too great back, but I did get a few I needed for my Pokedex, like a Surskit and actually even a Glalie (and a Caterpie. How hadn't I caught a Caterpie!?).
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Not as much luck as from the Christmas trades, but I put a bunch of Sandile on there (felt like it was somewhat rare since some players may not even go into the desert in their playthrough). Still managed to get a few diamonds in the rough like Pokémon with multiple IVs or egg move mons.

Overall I think some of the things I got on Christmas more than makes up for the common Yungoos though.
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Gave away a mixed box of Bounsweet/Tirtouga/Wimpod breeding leftovers. Didn't get anything outstanding (3-4 breeding leftovers, and some rare Pokémon) but I wasn't expecting anything, so I'm satisfied knowing I gave some cool Pokémon away, hopefully some that went to new players experiencing the game for the first time!
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I mentioned earlier in the thread about what I gave away, but I got some neat stuff, like breedject Mimikyu and Gible. I appreciate Beast Ball mons too. Sadly nothing amazing, most of my haul weren't that good.
Traded away a box and a half of nearly perfect Mimikyus as well as two shiny Mimis on Christmas Day. Got a whole bunch of Sun exclusives and some dex fillers. Other than that nothing really exciting but it was still fun!
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Thanks everyone for participating! We will be distributing the badges shortly. Happy New Year! Wahee!

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