[New Event] Relic Castle Wonder Trade
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Since rarer pokemon and pokemon that appear later on in the game are great candidates for Wonder Trading, you might find Sun and Moon spoilers in this thread! They're totally fair game here.

If you want to go with the Relic Castle theme, it is: Fossil Pokemon nicknamed Relic!
However you can do your own cool idea or participate in one of the other December Wonder Trade events going on, and still earn the badge here at Relic Castle. We just want to see Wonder Trade flooded with cool pokemon, no matter how that gets done!

In this thread, let us know if you're participating, what other Wonder Trade events you know are happening this month, or show us what you plan to trade! After that, we'd love to hear if anyone got anything cool in exchange while Wonder Trading!

Other ideas for Wonder Trading if you need one:
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I'm totally going to be giving away boxes of pokemon, some shinies, some exclusives, and definitely trade evolutions!!
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I am not playing it that much, but I can give like dozens of Rowlets and Sun-only Pokemon.
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I got all 3 of the starters so I guess I'll breed them and wonder trade 1 box for each starter

Can't wait to see what we'll all get Smile
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Time to breed all my fossil pokes~
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What a great idea! I was already planning to do this with starters, exclusives and competitive Pokemon, but now I'll get to work on some fossil Pokemon too.
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Yo I love this idea! I've got boxes full of Fast Ball Pichu with Fake Out & Electric Terrain that I need to give out, however I really wanna hand out some fossil Pokemon! Probably lots of Cranidos. I'll get egg moves on them, & nickname the high-IV ones!
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Hey folks, I've put together a form that we can all fill out for the sake of data. I think it would be awesome to get a wholistic picture of what Pokémon we put out there, and what we're getting in return. https://goo.gl/forms/Gn75VAL5VoMRydMD3
:0 im gonna give away vanillite!
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I have a lot of Popplio that I'm gonna wonder trade. =D
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